Ebay feedback - A cutting edge post...

  Quickbeam 18:51 18 Feb 2018

I see that Ebay have changed the format again but allow the page to remember previous comments again.

They disabled that for a while because people weren't writing unique feedback. For years all my feedback said 'Good bargain, quick delivery'. When they stopped that I just reverted to 'OK', or 'SGS' (Smashing, Great, Super)!

Personally I just find it all a pain, a simple Positive, Neutral or Negative single button press is enough...

  Pablo de Catio 19:20 18 Feb 2018


  bumpkin 19:30 18 Feb 2018

Personally I just find it all a pain,

So do I, one press for a pos or neutral and maybe an explanation for a neg. I buy a lot of stuff on ebay but am getting tired of even bothering with feedback.

  Quickbeam 23:02 18 Feb 2018

A lot of other site like Amazon etc try to encourage feedbacks, but I don't bother with them at all.

  BT 09:07 19 Feb 2018

I never use Ebay but I do use Amazon and occasionally give feedback if I feel there is a good reason to. Some items just don't warrant it.

What really annoys me about Amazon is when you get an Email wanting an answer to a question about a product where its obvious the questioner hasn't read the product description. Last week I had a request about some small plastic kitchen containers asking how many were in the set, when the product description clearly states that there are 18. I also got a request about some underpants wanting to know how many POCKETS they had. Who has pockets in their underpants?(I'll bet someone on here will ☺)

  Cymro. 11:15 19 Feb 2018

I find that most websites have too many click here click there. For me a good website has a minimum need to jump from page to page. They seem to sort of over engineer such sites as if they are delighted with their own skills and want to show off to everyone just how clever they are.

  x123 12:11 19 Feb 2018

I have not used eBay myself, always unsure about the PayPal payment system. To many stories of goods nor turning up and the refund system being poor.

I use Amazon quite a lot and am always prepared to give good feedback when applicable. Also to email the seller about products or if they are not up to the standard required.

I don't think I have ever given negative feedback to a seller, much preferring to sort things out on a one to one.

  canarieslover 12:41 19 Feb 2018

I leave feedback with appropriate comments and I like other buyers to do the same as it at least gives me some idea of the sort of person/company that I am dealing with and the quality of the goods that I am buying. If nobody left feedback then I would return to shopping in the High Street as at least there you can do a face to face and hands-on assessment yourself.

  alanrwood 14:29 19 Feb 2018

I'm with canarieslover on this. I always take the trouble to leave accurate feedback for every transaction. I feel it is my responsibility to do so for the benefit of other later eBay potential buyers. I always check the sellers feedback as a guide to whether they are reputable and how long they have been on eBay.

  Govan1x 15:05 19 Feb 2018

Not sure about the feedback. Quite a few of them you get a message asking for good feedback and if anything is wrong with the product to get contact with them so that they can replace or repair the goods.

Now that's all very well but it would mean waiting a few days for delivery and having to post the goods back.

Obviously trying there best but a delay is probably the last thing you want.

It is not just ebay other internet sites do the same. It has got to the stage that can you actually have confidence in the reviews.

  Forum Editor 16:15 19 Feb 2018

There is an obsession with feedback these days, and like many others I often find it irritating to be pestered with requests for it.

That said, you can hardly blame a retailer or service provider for wanting to know what you thought - it's a good way for them to find out how they are doing. The truth is that in general terms the standard of customer service now is far better than it was back in the past. There was a time when our Consumer advice forum was packed with complaints about online suppliers, but we see them far less frequently now.

If I'm going to be asked for feedback I much prefer the 'on a scale of one to ten' type of questionnaire - easy to deal with, and over in a minute or so.

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