Ebay FAKE "USB memory sticks"

  Uboat 04:51 25 May 2010

Having bought a 128 gig kingston usb memory stick 3 months ago i never really used it at all, ive transfered some small data files but thats it, i needed it to transfer some larger files like four "6" gig files & it took about 4 hours to transfer them (Way too slow)& then when i plugged it in another pc the files wasnt complete!

so i again (Having just been ripped off buying two fake W7 discs off Ebay) found out the seller on Ebay & there feedback had somewhat changed in the months since i had bought my usb stick! it was 100% posative with 180 transactions! now its 332 transactions & 91.4% posative!

i looked at the negative's & they was all about fake usb sticks! & WHY hasnt Ebay shut there account down? Anyway ive noticed almost ALL the high capacity (64/128/256 gig) sticks have in there description on Ebay "Faulty opened but works" in them! they are almost ALL fake! mine registers 128 gig in my pc but i think has only 4 gig storage!

I think i will be shutting my account down & its a shame ive got over 100 transactions & 100% posative! i just have lost faith in them!

  mole44 06:02 25 May 2010

Why in goodness do people use e-bay,i use Amazon never been"Ripped off",E-bay seems to be full of hookey gear awaiting to be bought by people who should know better but are greedy for "Cheap gear".Old addage "if it looks to good to be true it is".You`ve learnt a hard and very expensive lesson.You`ve been ripped of twice,do you never learn your lesson.you`re either not gullable or you have more money then sense.

  Kevscar1 06:17 25 May 2010

ebay don't care as long as they get their fees. They accept no responsibility for anything sold on their site. Even when you contact them they do not want to know unless the Police have become involved.
One thing I would like to see from our new governmet is a law maing all auctin sites financially and criminally liable for anything sold through them. Many more omportant thing than that to sort out though.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 07:01 25 May 2010

You are not having much luck with dodgy items recently. I can see a pattern.


  KremmenUK 07:02 25 May 2010

Colleague tried to buy an e-reader off Ebay because it was £10 cheaper.

Got stitched up and had to claim off his CC company.

I would never buy anything that could be dodgy off Ebay, heard too many tales of woe.

Genuine Windows 7 software - half price :lol:

  wiz-king 07:10 25 May 2010

That was also my thought.

  do-gull 10:38 25 May 2010

I've used e-bay for years as a buyer and seller, and i have never been ripped off or ripped anyone off.

I have had some REAL bargains and also sold some.
As with anywhere in this world there are always people with no morals or Conscious who will rip people off.

Agree somewhat with mole, you can get things cheaper from amazon sometimes, and even brand new on amazon is often cheaper than 2nd hand e-bay,


  spuds 20:19 25 May 2010

Its strange how some people appear to be magnets to a bad deal on eBay. I use eBay and Amazon Marketplace everyday, and I can truly state that I have more success than failures on selecting an honest and genuine deal.

Yes I have had the odd hiccup, but a polite email usually remedies the problem, usually to my total satisfaction. In the case of eBay I have only ever had need to open up 5 disputes on literally hundreds of deals. Everyone of those disputes resulted in funds being returned within a very short period of time. One of those disputes was an actual attempt at fraud plus other offences, which again, I succeeded in 'winning the case'.

The only thing that I would not touch is 'used' electrical goods, everything else is fair game including motor vehicles.

With regards to Amazon and Amazon Marketplace, again no problems of receiving total genuine items. The only letdown is usually with Royal Mail deliveries, and again the seller is usually prompt in dealing with any problems.I have even had refunds and items given to me by way of recompense and genuine honest goodwill.You cannot ask for better than that.

  Uboat 20:34 25 May 2010

THANKX! for all your comments & replies! im very greatfull,

I think ive been using Ebay for about 4 years now & ive got well over a 100 transactions buying/selling & my feedback is 100% posative, i noticed some of the comments where aimed maybe at lack of common sence from me when buying

before i bought the W7 discs i asked if these where legitimate copies & if they have the holograms on them, the seller asured me they was the full retail versions!

& as for the USB stick i bought again i asked if it was genuine & there reply was yes 100% so i cant do more than that unless i close my account down! ive just had some idiots that are STILL trading! sell me things..& the feeling of hostility from its users is CLEARLY becoming huge.

  spuds 21:00 25 May 2010

Perhaps a bit of cheer!.

Over the past few days I have been monitoring a couple of power seller's who seem to be sniping their own items. eBay is aware!.

With regards to the 'fraud' I mentioned. I still have the item and making 'legal profit' everyday, even though the item doesn't actually now belong to me.

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