ebay computer

  keith-236134 20:06 09 May 2006

I work in a residential home, which is a charity, and the day centre needed a computer, I managed to build one for £15 with bits from ebay, it's not the fastest but it works perfectly, anyone built one cheaper??

  Totally-braindead 20:21 09 May 2006

Unless someone was actually given one for free then I think you may be the winner there. I had an old Dell 400mhz celeron based PC lying about and I had trouble giving it away. Did eventually manage to get rid of it though. Went to a good home I think.

  jz 20:49 09 May 2006

I've had quite a few given to me. The best I've been given so far were four Pentium III 667MHz PCs about a year ago - A friend who works in IT told me that his company were throwing them away, and did I want them? I've also picked up PCs in the back alley that someone couldn't be bothered to take to the recycling centre. They didn't work, but were useful for parts.

  keith-236134 20:52 09 May 2006

yeah i got a nice big hard drive when i took some rubbish to the local recycling centre, works perfectly.

  jz 20:54 09 May 2006

I forgot to say, a good way to get a free and often working PC (eg Pentium III) is to join your local freecycle group - most cities have very active ones. I'm from Southampton, and we have around 10 new offers per day on it. See click here for details and navigate to your closest one. It's not just PCs on offer, but anything (furniture, bikes, scanners, pianos...) that people don't want and are willing to give away to save if from going into landfill.

  keith-236134 21:05 09 May 2006

That's handy to know. Thanks

  Forum Editor 23:20 09 May 2006

to our local council dump last week, and while I was there a woman pulled in beside me and proceeded to unload half a dozen computers from her car. They looked OK, and I said as much to her. She replied that they were fine, but her company was upgrading, and had asked her to dump the 'old' machines. When I asked her how old they were she said they had been used for around 2 years. She had recommended that the company gave them to a charity of some kind, or a local school, but her boss had insisted they were dumped.

It does seem a shame that this kind of waste goes on.

  ade.h 23:32 09 May 2006

Isn't there some directive in the pipeline to prevent bosses like that from treating their unwanted IT stock so carelessly? It ought to come under the existing WEEE directive, but from what I can gather, that seems strongly biased toward making the manufacturers and distributors responsible. Seems a little poorly thought out to me. click here

  Pidder 11:17 10 May 2006

Only trouble is you have no back-up for the OS, or am I missing something. Always on the look-out for a cheap XP to upgrade from 98SE.

  keith-236134 13:08 10 May 2006

Have you tried EBAY?

  Pidder 19:36 10 May 2006

Thanks for both of your suggestions. Don't want to be unscrupulous though.

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