eat more fat to be healthy?

  carver 09:08 17 Oct 2014

So this week it's eat more fat if you want to be healthy BBC NewsI know that I know it's OK to eat red meat, drink milk, have red wine, drink more tea and coffee, have a glass or two of lager, eat oily fish (not too much you'll poison yourself} have plenty of chicken plenty of veg and fruit I can get back to what I've been doing for the last 63 years.

  wee eddie 14:05 17 Oct 2014

In general, the best advice that I have heard is to forget "exercise" but get off your ass and be active.

Eat whatever you want, in moderation, and limit the number of heavily processed foods that you indulge in.

Fats, have a high satiety value. Which means that if you include some fat in a meal, you will feel fuller than you would, had the same meal been fat free. Well out of proportion of the calorific value of the fats included

  spuds 15:25 17 Oct 2014

Back to the bread and dripping again. Mind you I have never given that up, and an whole host of other items that I am told are no good for you.

"processed foods": Does any average person understand what labels on food items mean nowadays, or even what the contents of a tin or packet actually contain.

  sunnystaines 16:23 17 Oct 2014

look at nature the lions etc always eat the fat and offal first.

  Joseph Kerr 16:59 17 Oct 2014

The low carb crowd knew this decades ago, of course.

  Forum Editor 16:13 18 Oct 2014

I have always thought that the best thing is to eat a varied diet, having whatever you like, but in moderation. I can't stand all these faddy diets and articles which tell you that some foods are 'bad' for you, while others are 'good'.

  Aitchbee 19:58 18 Oct 2014

I went on a decidedly 'high protein' nutty diet when the football world cup was on the telly last summer. Consequently, I gained about 5kg and broke one of my front teeth and loosened another one nearby on some rather tough almonds.

I now tend to give the 'nuts aisle' a body-swerve when doin' the shopping - but missing out the 'beer-aisle' is a much more difficult nut-to-crack!

  Aitchbee 20:07 18 Oct 2014

... I'm also hooked on the mackerel [tinned-fish] aisle ...

  Joseph Kerr 21:45 18 Oct 2014

I don't really get this "moderation" idea. It doesn't really mean anything.

"Best"? "Faddy"? "Bad"? Death caps are bad.

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