Easyjet/any tips to claim for missed flight

  Cara2 15:19 20 Sep 2012

Hi, as a party of 4, we recently missed our flight.

We were not late, but were simpy, physically, ushered into the wrong lane by an employee who queried "Easyjet? Use both lanes" (next to the one we were heading for). What had not been made clear was that the lanes were for more than one destination.

Does anyone have any experience or tips on how to go about this? I realise this is not going to be easy, having seen the TV program eek!

All advise gladly received.

  Woolwell 16:06 20 Sep 2012

Got it in writing from the employee/duty manager or photo evidence? If not I fear that you may be out of luck.

  lotvic 17:09 20 Sep 2012

Did they admit it was their fault at the time, when you got to the desk? If you have no proof I don't rate your chances very high now.

  Noldi 10:09 23 Sep 2012

My experience with this Airline is to send a letter to HQ explaining exactly what happened and await a reply. Once they have stated their case in writing then you can move forward. I did get a refund in the end but it was less all the silly little extra changes you pay when booking.


  spuds 12:13 23 Sep 2012

If all else fails, you could contact the BBC Watchdog program for advice!.

  Forum Editor 19:13 23 Sep 2012

Had you checked in and got your boarding passes? If you had, they would have boarding gate number on them and technically it's your responsibility to ensure that you get yourself to the right gate on time.

If you didn't have a gate number it's a different matter.

  Cara2 20:57 23 Sep 2012

Thank you everyone.

No, our problems arose at check in, so we did not get to the stage of boarding pass.

We were basically diverted from our chosen lane by an employee who asked "Easyjet?" we replied yes whereby he ushered us into the next lane as the queues were very lenghty. We were compliant and 'obeyed'. Consequently when the calls were made, we stayed put as we had been put there and were confident as we had been put there.

Of course, it turned out to be the wrong queue - Easyjet, but a different destination.

Noldi - what was your situation? Why did you miss your flight? Was there a particular person at HQ that you contacted?

  Bing.alau 21:48 23 Sep 2012

For people who maybe have never flown before things can still seem very confusing in a big airport. I am guessing that this was probably the cause of your missing the flight.

But I think the chances of you getting any joy from Easy Jet are pretty slim. But there is no harm in writing a polite letter to them stating your confusion at the time and telling them an employee of theirs (was it?) had put you in the wrong queue right at the start. Providing you keep your letter polite and to the point, you never know. I've just looked in my list of CEO's addresses and phone numbers etc. and there are none listed except a Mrs. McCall, but no contact details. Maybe someone else on the forum knows where to write to.

Did you see anybody from Easy Jet afterwards to state your case? They might have been able to get you on to a later flight. That would have been better than nothing.

  Cara2 00:33 25 Sep 2012

We have travelled many times before, several times with EasyJet - so being novices was not the cause of the missed flight.

We were offered a later flight - at a cost of £50 pp. In addition our flight was Monday morning and the next available flight was Friday or two of us could have travelled from another airport the following day.

Yes, it was an employee of theirs. And yes, chances are slim, but I will take it further. I just cannot comprehend how we could be aiming for the correct lane but be ushered into the wrong lane, missing our flight.

  Forum Editor 06:36 25 Sep 2012

You were obviously the victims of an employee giving you wrong information. In doing this the employee acted as an agent of the airline; you didn't ask for directions, you were given a clear instruction to use the other lane.

It occurs to me to ask if you were the only people directed in this way. If there were others, what happened - did they also miss the flight?

  spuds 10:26 25 Sep 2012

If you want to contact the CEO of Easyjet or most other companies, then this website might help http://www.ceoemail.com

I have used the information from that website, and it proved very rewarding. Nothing like going to the top and not the individuals below, for perhaps resolving issues!.

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