Easy to purchase, now take the survey

  oresome 10:04 21 Jul 2019

It takes me a minute or two to buy or do something and then a day or so later I'm asked "How did we do?"

Try and give a short answer and they ask for more detail. Give an honest appraisal that the service was no more or less than you expect from a supplier and they reply that they are sorry you are not fully satisfied!

I even get them from the doctors now...… I'll let them know if they've been successful in a few years time if I'm still here.

The doctors survey even asks if I would recommend a friend! I did say I wasn't in a position to diagnose what was wrong with said friend and who was best to deal with it.

  Quickbeam 15:56 21 Jul 2019

I just ignore them all!

  morddwyd 19:19 21 Jul 2019

a day or so later I'm asked "How did we do?

A day or so? More likely to be a week or so!

  wee eddie 19:54 21 Jul 2019

My bank frequently does this.

My response usually is: "To which occasion are you referring? Please refresh my memory"

They rarely know

  Govan1x 00:00 22 Jul 2019

I get the odd one from the doctors. how well have we done and would you recommend us to friends.

So tempted to fill it in and give them the marks out of 10. it would be a zero in my case.

I cant believe they actually have the cheek to send surveys out. Am I the only one that has crap doctors, I wonder what victor would say to those surveys..

  HondaMan 15:39 22 Jul 2019

I found this thread rather amusing. A few years back, I had an email from Amazon saying that they had noticed that "a few" of my returns were in an un-resaleable condition when received. When I asked them to specify which, they were unable to be specific. I explained that the only time I returned items was if they were not working so there could be no possibility of reselling them anyway. I am still awaiting their response!!

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