Eastenders etc

  keith-236134 19:59 06 Apr 2006

Ever noticed that nobody is addicted to computers on the soaps, not very true to life is it.

  SG Atlantis® 20:09 06 Apr 2006

No it's escapist television, no one wants to watch someone in front of a PC for a few hours.

  keith-236134 20:15 06 Apr 2006

SG Atlantis depends what theyre doing, no, I dont expect a whole episode devoted to someone sat in front of a computer, that would be stupid, just the occassional flash.

  SG Atlantis® 20:25 06 Apr 2006

I've seen computers used. The Millers and Sonia from Eastenders, Danny from Emmerdale, it's Mac he has!! Those fit girls on Hollyoaks, all students, have been seen on screen with computers. Neighbours too, some of the kids, Toady, Max and stingray etc etc.

You used the word 'addicted' that implies hooked on PCs for hours like me.

  SG Atlantis® 20:27 06 Apr 2006

Tanya turner from footballers wives was doing some research on the net in the last episode!!

  asdf99 13:22 07 Apr 2006

Is Den & Wicksy still in it? Last time i saw it someone was getting hit by those two bald headed blokes. I honestly could not name 5 characters from it if i had to. What about roli the dog??

  jaritch 14:57 07 Apr 2006


denial must be overcome before you can be cured

  asdf99 15:21 07 Apr 2006

Yes i understand, i admit to not knowing anything about eastenders. Well thats a weight of my mind. Thanks:-)

  surfmonkey #:@}© 15:50 07 Apr 2006

eastender bahh hunbug watched it noticed that alot of the footage is shot in NW london wrong side of the city to me should have called it westenders. If they portrayed real life there it wouldent even get on tv.

  keith-236134 18:16 07 Apr 2006

OK OK, sorry i said anything now.

  g0slp 18:24 07 Apr 2006

I usually refer to it as "DeadEnders"...

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