Eartha Kitt dies !

  perpetual motion 02:49 26 Dec 2008

she was a great woman singer/actress thats two famous people in two days

click here

  laurie53 09:19 26 Dec 2008

Dream woman.

Another part of my youth goes.

  crosstrainer 09:20 26 Dec 2008

Very sad newa...Also Harold Pinter...

Alway's seems to happen at this time of year.....OR am I just getting old?

  canarieslover 10:13 26 Dec 2008

Completely agree. My first love!!

  Forum Editor 10:16 26 Dec 2008

"Alway's seems to happen at this time of year"

Huge numbers of people die at Christmas time every year; it just happens that sometimes one or two of them are famous, so you hear about it.

  spuds 13:20 26 Dec 2008

She was only a pussy cat with a big purrr, but what a purrr.

Perhaps time to bring out my old cd's/dvd's!.

  Chas49 20:49 26 Dec 2008

It would appear that we are 'getting on a bit' for we remember that famous purr and that intense look she had when singing - she managed to be sexy without titivating the audience by revealing flesh and the use of obscenities - not that I'm grumbling about those that do - just saying that she was special.

  rdave13 20:59 26 Dec 2008

The lady certainly used a minimal of flesh and used it to great here

  bluto1 22:31 26 Dec 2008

Thanks for the undeserved cold shower. Regardless of your reply to the time of her death, the members were obviously expressing honest opinions.
Death of a well known and well loved artiste at this time of the year is a rather poignant thing. I would suggest you leave well alone.

  Forum Editor 23:43 26 Dec 2008

Don't be so ridiculous. I gave nobody an "undeserved cold shower", I was simply pointing out to someone else that although it might seem that famous people die at Christmas time it is merely a coincidence.

Perhaps it's you who should 'leave well alone', and not involve yourself in something that wasn't addressed to you.

  Stuartli 23:48 26 Dec 2008

I don't believe the thread title needed what we used to term a "snot drop".

Eartha Kitt had a long and mostly fulfilled life style and, through the medium of records and other recording methods, her considerable talent will be available to us for many years to come.

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