Earth project aims to 'simulate everything'

  peter99co 15:57 28 Dec 2010

click here

It could be one of the most ambitious computer projects ever conceived.

  wee eddie 16:22 28 Dec 2010

I'm not to sure that I'd be relying on their conclusions just yet

  Forum Editor 23:33 28 Dec 2010

but then lots of other ideas sound interesting - it doesn't mean they're successful.

  DippyGirl 00:18 29 Dec 2010

Hasnt Deep Thought already done this? click here
... thats the space time continuum for you !

[maybe time to pack the towel]

  ashdav 00:25 29 Dec 2010

I can save a lot of time and money here..
It's 42 (just wanted to be the first)
Don't panic!

  ashdav 00:32 29 Dec 2010

On a more serious note ..
This is a futile exercise,
There a too many variables that interact and it all becomes chaos theory which can only be proved after the fact.
Pride goeth before a fall is all I can say.

  ashdav 00:35 29 Dec 2010

Sorry. There a should read There are

  DippyGirl 00:52 29 Dec 2010

42 (as stated ) is the answer , the super duper computer model designed by DT was to provide the question.

  wolfie3000 10:42 29 Dec 2010

Will be interesting to see the data this experiment produces,
Although they say the most successful experiments are the ones that fail.

I admire there balls for trying this.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:10 29 Dec 2010

Perhaps we are already someone's simulation?

  ams4127 23:01 29 Dec 2010

During this experiment, would it be possible to write politicians out of the programme and see how much better the world does?!

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