Early Bird

  laurie53 05:13 23 May 2008

Advert in my local paper -

"Christmas Bookings Now Being Taken"!

  Chegs ®™ 06:47 23 May 2008

There was me thinking this thread was about the earliest poster and was about to say the answer is tricky as people are in different timezones.

I need me bed. :)

  €dstowe 07:48 23 May 2008

One of the local pubs has Christmas bookings up to 2011. Some days of the 2008 Christmas are fully booked.

  spuds 11:11 23 May 2008

Its only 6/7 months away, but I bet all the major stores have their trimmings ready ;o)

  donki 12:22 23 May 2008

We booked our work Christmas dinner last week! If you want a good date u have to get in early, everyone want the friday before the Christmas weekend!

  spuds 12:47 23 May 2008

A party of us did the early booking routine, a few years back. On the evening, we and other diners arrived to find the establishment was locked and had gone bust that week, with no advance warning from the administrators.

We were a little peeved at that moment, so we didn't even bother to use the Kentucky Fried opposite. A substantial Chinese Takeaway was ordered later on though, and the celebrations took place in one of the friends homes.

It also saved being hit in the back of the head by a waiters elbow, due to extra Christmas sitting being put into place :O)

  jack 14:23 23 May 2008

Preempting Christmas malarky.

I recall the scenes in Fleet Street where I worked on the day before the holiday[ Xmas Eve] and the 'jollying' that went on in the offices -I guess because I worked 'on the road' and seldom went into the office - I was required to attend the office on this particular day -even though it would mean a long haul in for a few hours - It put me right off the idea .
Even now the various groups to which I belong rush around having the 'Christmas Lunch'
I Guess I could 'Do' half a dozen such events before the day if I was so inclined[some folk take a delight in totting up how many Christmas dinners they can fit in.

Christmas Dinner - Christmas day with the family - and that's me lot.

  laurie53 20:39 23 May 2008

You must be the same vintage as me.

Pack up work at normal time on Christmas Eve, or maybe 4.30 if you had a very progressive boss, and back at normal start time the day after Boxing Day.

Nothing then until Good Friday!

  jack 08:12 24 May 2008

Even if the phones had gone quiet because client companies had shut up shop and were not accepting deliveries- We had sit it out. Huh!

The same after some of my country based clients shut up for the week- even then [50/60/70's] The cost of firing up for a few days with a reluctant crew was deemed not worth while.
I was still expected to 'Do my Rounds' to them where by the admin., at these firms may be in, but had nothing on the books for me to deal with.

  wiz-king 13:32 24 May 2008

When we can get good value and places are really please to have us - the only person who does not like this arrangement is the accountant, he starts asking for the receipts for the Christmas do around the second week in Jan.

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