Eager Viewers ?

  Dragon_Heart 02:48 14 Jun 2013

I start a new post and look back at the forum list to ensure it has been accepted and sometimes, even at 3am, I get several views within a few seconds.

eg my post on the size of our sun got 5 views in just 15 seconds.

We all must try and get out more OR we like talking to others .... I think that's a good sign, don't you ?

  wiz-king 05:43 14 Jun 2013

Perhaps your on RRS feed to the GCHQ/NSA hit list. grin

  mole1944 05:58 14 Jun 2013

And don't forget ECHELON (look it up), ooops that's blown it

  Mr Mistoffelees 17:38 14 Jun 2013

UNCLE knows what you are doing.

  Forum Editor 18:39 14 Jun 2013

"my post on the size of our sun got 5 views in just 15 seconds"

bear in mind the fact that thousands of people are visiting the site at any one time, right around the clock. These people aren't necessarily registered as forum users, so they can't post, but anyone can read what we've written.

  morddwyd 18:54 14 Jun 2013

At 3.00am people don't many better things to do than read your posts.

At 3.00pm they do!

  lotvic 23:49 14 Jun 2013

When it's the middle of the night here, it's the middle of the day, breakfast, afternoon, teatime etc. elsewhere in the world.

  Bing.alau 16:33 15 Jun 2013

And the sun is always over the yardarm. Hic!

  morddwyd 19:31 15 Jun 2013

Remember how we used to toast the New Year in with our fellow servicemen in Hong Kong (when it was four in the afternoon where we were, in the UK!)?

Then with the guys in Malaya, then Aden, Malta, Germany and so on.

Some of us never lasted until midnight UK time, let alone waiting up to help the guys in Belize!

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