The E111 is going electronic

  It's Me 17:29 27 Oct 2004

I see that the E111 is going to be issued as a piece of plastic w.e.f 1st January 2006.

With this in view, they have changed it all. First of all, for your E111 to be valid in 2005 it needs to have been taken out no earlier than this August. On the new application form is a place to tick to get the new 2006 card.

However they have not made things easier, no, you get the application form in the booklet, it being different to the ones they had before, but there is no Form E111 there as before, you get a separate form from the P.O.

Apparently each family member is to have a separate form now.

I suppose it will be OK once it is up and running.

  Sapins 17:41 27 Oct 2004

We already have the little bit of plastic, it's called the European Social Security card, but I don't need it to visit the UK only other EU countries.

  Sapins 17:45 27 Oct 2004

Forgot to say we also have a Carte Vitale, credit card type, which you give the doctor/dentist/chemist and the amount the state pays them is done automatically and your bank account is credited with the amount due to be refunded to you.

  Sapins 17:53 27 Oct 2004

cont'd, last bit should be, your bank account is credited with any amount due to you if you have paid someone who is not yet using the system, this varies from 30% to 70%.

If this still doesn't make sense I don't care, I've got typing fatigue :-(( I'll have to see a doctor!

  It's Me 11:50 28 Oct 2004

Well, I suppose it should make sense, except that - - never mind,- - it looks like a piece of Gallic complexity such as item 5 on E111 forms about "Competent French institution for non-occupational accidents sustained by self-employed farmers."

Now if you were Portuguese, you would have a repayment system which meant a visit to a nominated Bank, then, you would not tell anyone which Bank was nominated, and every one would live happy ever afterwards.

I mentioned your description of a root canal job at a French dentist's to a dentist friend of ours and she turned white at the thought!

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