E.ON shelves plans to build Kingsnorth coal plant

  wids001 15:41 20 Oct 2010

Yes, the lights are starting to dim in the UK ....

  peter99co 15:45 20 Oct 2010

need to sort out carbon capture before any new coal stations can be built.
Many people think it is not feasable.

Nuke is the only way forward and we may be to late with that.

  jack 16:07 20 Oct 2010

Many people think it is not feasable
There was an interesting demonstration recently on the practicalities of CC.
The demonstrator whilst not denying the technicalities of the technique said - holding a piece of coal in her hand- turn this lump into gas and it increases its volume by xxxx%- there simply will not be enough underground capacity to keep it all safe.

  Forum Editor 18:50 20 Oct 2010

Really - what makes you say that?

  morddwyd 20:28 20 Oct 2010

"Many people think it is not feasable."

And yet a pilot project seems to be working perfectly well, with major funding available to develop the idea.

click here

  peter99co 22:01 20 Oct 2010

Carbon capture and storage: it's the race no one wants to win.

click here

  morddwyd 09:10 21 Oct 2010

But the same link says that "other companies such as Ayrshire Power have decided to go ahead with their own CCS plant,"

The race which you refer to seems to be simply a race to get some public funds.

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