Kevscar1 10:45 14 Mar 2012

FE if this is not allowed please delete. Many of you know of RSD which I have suffered from for 33 months know, if you don't know the symptoms are here. http://www.rsdhope.org/crps-symptoms.html it is recognised as the mst painfull conditionin the world. http://miraclesformichele.com/?page_id=313 based on US and Dutch figures we probably have around 250,000 suffers in the UK but due to the ignorance of approx 95% of the NHS about this conditon only approx 12000 suffers have been diagnosed and there are only according to my specialist around 15 real specialists. Because of this I have created http://epetitions.direct.gov.uk/petitions/31344 Please take the time to read it and if you are willing sign it. If you want to do more then ask your family, freinds, work colleagues, your own Doctors and anyone else you know to do the same

  BT 17:31 14 Mar 2012


  chub_tor 17:42 14 Mar 2012

Me too.

  Brumas 17:50 14 Mar 2012

Done and dusted.

  Macscouse 19:07 14 Mar 2012

Done. Good luck.

  Forum Editor 19:12 14 Mar 2012

"FE if this is not allowed please delete."

I'm sure you know very well that this is not allowed, Kevscar. I should delete it on sight. I'm allowed to break my own rules when special circumstances apply however, and I think you deserve this opportunity to put your case to the government.

Your thread will stay. All I ask is that you let people make up their own minds - no more "ask your family, freinds, work colleagues, your own Doctors and anyone else you know to do the same" please. This is a one-off situation as far as the forum is concerned - nobody else should take it as an indication that they can follow your example.

Good luck

  lucky1 19:43 14 Mar 2012

Signed. All the best and take care.

  Nontek 21:06 14 Mar 2012

Signed - fellow sufferer!

Good luck to you.

  lucky1 21:48 14 Mar 2012

Two family members have now signed.

  Kevscar1 09:46 15 Mar 2012

FE I'm sorry but I genuinly didn't know thats why I asked. I would like to thank all of you who have signed, this conditon is terrifying when you know what it is but can you imagine not knowing and being told by Doctors that you are either malingering or it's in your head I had both twice. Unfortunately it's too late for me, there is absolutley zero chance of finding a cure in my lifetime but with your help it may not be too late for others. This can be triggered by something as simple as a sprain for which normal treatment is Ice which is the very worst treatment for RSD. If I can get this through then future sufferers may have a very good chance of long term remission if they get the correct treatments within 3 months of the onset. So thank you very much

  Input Overload 09:51 15 Mar 2012

Sorted Kev, hope things get better for you.

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