Covergirl 22:54 12 Dec 2011

I've seen the odd hyping of various eBooks on this forum, but never been particularly impressed.

I accidentally came across Morrisons magazine - well impressed? Yes, to say the least!!

It's a bit like a Powerpoint presentation - a real fancy one with every transition effect you could possibly use - as well as animation, banners and embedded video - admittedly a lot of advertisements, but on the whole a great effort. The Wolf Blass advert is particularly impressive.

Just checked Tescos online mag and although it uses transitions, it' nowhere near as good as Morrisons imho.

  lotvic 23:17 12 Dec 2011

I had a look ready to 'take the proverbial' but must say, yes you are right, well impressed.

  wiz-king 05:54 13 Dec 2011

Read all about the South African farming industry, another e-pub.

  Covergirl 08:06 13 Dec 2011

Thanks Wiz King - that looks like the "no thought gone into it" standard sort of eBook that I've seen hyped before. Nothing flashy about it, just turn the pages and read.

The whole point of the thread was that the Morrisons eBook was pretty innovative and interesting to look at, rather than the boring turn the pages job. And half of it is in a foreign language!

(But then again, you probably find the sout African farming industry interesting therefore that publication floats your boat.)

If anyone else has any "good" examples, please feel free to post a link.

  interzone55 08:30 13 Dec 2011

Better Digital Photography is a really nice free online magazine.

Many pages are interactive, with videos and stuff

  BT 08:52 13 Dec 2011

For those of you who haven't come across it there is a FREE 'Kindle' reader App. available from Amazon that enables you to read Kindle books on just about any device including your PC/Laptop.Thousands of FREE books available.

Kindle Reader

  canarieslover 09:01 13 Dec 2011


Certainly would not want to look at it on a slow internet connection. Maybe I am just impatient. I consistently get 7mbps with my connection but was getting annoyed with the Morrison's site. I was looking to buy a Vauxhall a few years ago when I was still on dial-up, along with many other users at that time, and their site was almost impossible to view properly and I ended up buying a Ford. Perhaps you can put too much into a site!!!

  Woolwell 10:11 13 Dec 2011

The Morrison's mag uses flash and cannot be viewed on an iPad so perhaps not such a great design.

  Covergirl 12:42 13 Dec 2011

Woolwell ha ha - "not such a great design" that'll be the iPad you're on about then?

canarieslover I don't have more than 4mbps at home and it all flowed seamlessly for me. Perhaps 1 or 2 seconds here and there while it loaded a new page, but no great delays. Perhaps you're connection isn't quite 7mbps or your computer is not working to it's full capability.

Or did you mean the actual Morrisons site itself? No, can't be - I've just clicked around a dozen pages on my interminably slow works internet connection and they've all displayed like a dream - perhaps 2 seconds to load each page which is probably down to the speed of IE7.

BT - good job I recognise the name or I'd be flagging your post as Spam - however, the FE is a Kindle devotee so I don't think I'd get far with that one :)

Alan14 Yes, nice emag. Not many transitions or special effects but a nice interface, well thought out and everything (links and highlights) seem to work.

  canarieslover 14:16 13 Dec 2011


As I indicated, I am extremely impatient. It doesn't matter to me how pretty it is, I just want it to load instantly and give me the information I want so that I can get on with the next thing I need to do. A couple of seconds on every page may not be much, but it's too much for me.

  lotvic 17:02 13 Dec 2011

canarieslover I hope I am never in front of you at the checkout ;-)

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