E-Book Readers

  Bingalau 08:41 03 Aug 2011

I know some of us already have Kindles, but when I saw this in my weekly mail from the money saving bloke I thought I would pass it on. If I am putting this in the wrong forum, I apologise. http://www.moneysavingexpert.com/deals/cheap-ebook-readers-kindles

I know our FE thinks his is the "Bee's Knees" and my partner and I share one with no problems. I'm not on commission either.

  zzzz999 08:52 03 Aug 2011

give me a real book purchased after a lovely time perusing a book shop

  Quickbeam 09:15 03 Aug 2011

But think of all the time to be saved over the years on putting up book shelves at Rick's cafe.

  Aitchbee 09:38 03 Aug 2011

I am a bookish person and a techie person - A kindle is half-way. I have only seen people use them on buses occasionally.Books are better.

  zzzz999 09:49 03 Aug 2011

Book shelves are for wimps, real men just balance them on their heads

  wee eddie 09:54 03 Aug 2011

I get all my Books for free ~ I use the local Library

  Armchair 10:09 03 Aug 2011

*I get all my Books for free ~ I use the local Library *

Same here, apart from the occasional 30p (paperback) and 50p (hardback) purchases from my local YMCA shop.

  interzone55 10:48 03 Aug 2011

I'm torn

I love books, and like nothing better than spending time browsing through a good second hand book store, and I have two brilliant bookshops nearby, one in Carnforth & one in Morecambe.

I also love technology.

I bought a Sony PRS-350 last year, primarily because I thought its touch screen interface would be easier to use than a Kindle, it is also much smaller.

I then found out that E-books for the Sony, available via many retailers, were consistently 50% more expensive than books for the Kindle, and the lack of Wifi made it that little bit harder to buy books, which had to be done using a PC, then running the book through the Adobe Digital Book software and uploading it to the reader via the Sony Reader software. I could drop a normal PDF straight onto the reader, but purchased books were a real faff.

Eventually the PRS-350 ended up on Ebay, and I'm now working through the huge pile of paper books I'm still accumulating whilst I wait for the Kindle Tablet that's due to arrive around the time of the Winter Festival...

  Quickbeam 11:37 03 Aug 2011

fourm member

Could something like this carphone holder be adapted to suit being a Kindle support/holder?

This type that uses a standard 4 slot attaching clip system, matched with a flat mount (available from maplins) glued to the back of the Kindle would enable the Kindle to be placed with support in front of the reader.

Suction Holder

  Woolwell 12:40 03 Aug 2011

I bought a Sony reader a couple of years ago. I use it regularly and it is particularly good to take on holiday when I can take several books with me without the weight of the printed books. Good to read on a train or aircraft and the battery life is excellent. However I think that I would buy a Kindle now.

Sony is supposed to be working on having books available from public libraries but so far only a few libraries are signed up and none in my area. You have to be a member of the library. If more libraries were to offer this service for e-readers then it would be a real boon.

On the downside you cannot give away the book when you have finished it because of copyright rules. It cannot be transferred.

  interzone55 12:58 03 Aug 2011

fourm member

The cheaper readers you can get work the same way as the Sony, you buy the encrypted PDF versions of books from the likes of WH Smith or Waterstones online, which means the books are roughly 50% dearer than the equivalent Kindle copy.

I also feel that the current Kindle has a better screen than the Sony reader I had, and it's also slightly bigger at 6" compared to the 5" PRS-350 screen.

I wouldn't touch the colour readers currently on the market, battery life is bad, and the screen gets tiring to read after a while.

How are your wife's hands? The kindle is not touch screen, so pages are turned with a couple of elongated buttons on either edge, perfect for left & right handed readers, and you move round menus and pages with a 4-way cursor pad with central enter button.

Other readers are touch screen, so pages are turned by swiping left or right and menu selection is by either pointing witha finger or using the supplied stick thing.

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