DWP job interview can you help.?

  24/7 07:03 01 Dec 2008

Hi all ive got a interview tomorrow with DWP (Dole) as a "Administrative Officer" & i was just wondering if anyone had been to the interview before & could give me any advice or knowledge as i am so desperate for this job, Ive read all the mass of paperwork they have sent me & i am aware the proccess takes three hours as well as a variation of test's, the interviewing is doen by a external part of the company & not from my local job centre i belive, I would be very greatful for any advice etc.

  natdoor 08:46 01 Dec 2008

I can't offer any advice beyond trying to relax, listen carefully and read carefully. Keep your responses concise and focussed on the topic.

I'm sure you will have the good wishes of most, if not all, contributors to this site. It worked for legolas! In the current climate I expect there will be several other candidates, so if you are unsuccessful don't be disheartened.

Good luck.

  24/7 08:50 01 Dec 2008

natdoor Thankyou that was very "Uplifting" from you, thankyou so much!!

  €dstowe 09:10 01 Dec 2008

Don't drink loads of tea or coffee beforehand. Not only will these tend to make you hyperactive they also strongly affect the bladder. Most certainly don't drink alcohol.

Be truthful, concise and to the point but, always try and give more than one word answers (unless, of course, only one word is asked for). Don't go off at a tangent and talk about things that weren't asked or that are irrelevant.

Dress smartly (but don't overdo it). Look confident but, again, don't overdo it.

Best of luck. Let us know how it goes.

  Brumas 09:20 01 Dec 2008

All the very best of luck - let's hope you get an early Christmas present :o)

  Noels 10:17 01 Dec 2008

Find out everything you can about the work involved. What its about and why. What is expected of you and why.Where you might be expected to work (which offices etc)Find out about the work and policy nationally.In other words go completely prepared.
Lastly write down the sort of questions you think you may be asked (I know this is not easy but it all helps) then write down the answers you might give. Then think of possible questions following your answers.All of this will give you confidence in answering their questions.
Don't dig a hole for youself by saying you do something or read something if you don't.
Be professional and I'm sure you will be ok.
All the very best.

  laurie53 10:25 01 Dec 2008

Watch out for the trick questions (normally coming after "What can you, in particular, bring to this job?"), "And what do you see as your particular weaknesses?"

"None that would affect my ability to do this particular job"

(Not so arrogant to say you have no weaknesses, just a bit of reassurance for them. Don't give them an excuse to reject you.)

Remember, you are far and away the best candidate for this job; you just have to make them see that.

I won't wish you luck, you don't need it, but I wish you good fortune in the mood of your interviewers! It's often a vital factor.

  Noldi 11:14 01 Dec 2008

This is a interview list that I have used in the past. Its not created by me but I find it usefull.


1. Keep your answers brief and concise. Unless asked to give more details, limit your answers to two to three minutes per question. Tape yourself and see how long it takes you to fully answer a question.

2. Include concrete, quantifiable data. Interviewees tend to talk in generalities.
Unfortunately, generalities often fail to convince interviewers that the applicant has assets. Include measurable information and provide details about specific accomplishments when discussing your strengths.

3. Repeat your key strengths three times. It’s essential that you comfortably and confidently articulate your strengths. Explain how the strengths relate to the company’s or department’s goals and how they might benefit the potential employer. If you repeat your strengths then they will be remembered and—if supported with quantifiable accomplishments—they will more likely be believed.

4. Prepare five or more success stories. In preparing for interviews, make a list of your skills and key assets. Then reflect on past jobs and pick out one or two instances when you used those skills successfully.

5. Ask questions. The types of questions you ask and the way you ask them can make a tremendous impression on the interviewer. Good questions require advance preparation. Just as you plan how you would answer an interviewer’s questions, write out any specific questions you want to ask. Then look for opportunities to ask them during the interview. Don’t ask about benefits or salary. The interview process is a two-way street whereby you and the interviewer assess each other to determine if there is an appropriate match.

6. Maintain a conversational flow. By consciously maintaining a conversational flow—a dialogue instead of a monologue—you will be perceived more positively. Use feedback questions at the end of your answers and use body language and voice intonation to create a conversational interchange between you and the interviewer.

7. Research the company, product lines and competitors. Research will provide information to help you decide whether you’re interested in the company and important data to refer to during the interview.

  donki 11:28 01 Dec 2008

I am an EO1 in the DWP in Northern Ireland, your interview will be competency based and you should have a list of these in the corrispondance they have sent to you. Have a good example that shows you fill the competency and be ready for any follow up questions that they will have. When you are working on your examples try and keep then clear and well layed out i.e.

What you intended to do
How you carried it out
How you moitored it
What the out come was

Hope this helps. If you want to know anything else give em a shout.

  donki 11:31 01 Dec 2008

Oh almost forgot when you are talking always say "I" even if your talking about something you did in a group.

  24/7 13:34 01 Dec 2008

MANY MANY thankx for your replies people!!
Ive taken notes & if anyone can add please feel free too,

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