DVLA and joined-up thinking

  Diemmess 18:07 11 Feb 2010

It takes one to know one!

This time it was my wife's turn to renew her driving licence.

"Do it online said the reminder letter."

So, unlike my own application a year or so ago when I completed the form and posted to Swansea as you do, this time I was up for the modern approach and did the online application for her.

I had to complete a secure application via "Government Gateway" filling in all sorts of requirements apart from a password. There were memorable dates and facts gong back in history.

After a long time spent doing all this and having her renewal application accepted, I checked the paper form and found that I still had to post the old card and support document quoting a reference number!
A telephone call to ask was this needed since they already had all the details, brought a response, "Yes clip them up and post in the supplied envelope"

If I were a paranoid I would say I was tricked into logging in with HMG for whatever purpose they might have in mind.

Whatever, I'm not sure which is the most idiotic.
DVLA for having an online facility which still requires a posted response, or me for not seeing the sting in the tale?

At least we had the co-driver's licence back almost by return, unlike those unfortunates where the old licence has been lost and DVLA require proof or retake the test!

  peter99co 19:27 11 Feb 2010

How did you handle the photograph that is required?

  Diemmess 19:32 11 Feb 2010

They have that already on file

  peter99co 19:37 11 Feb 2010

It is just that I thought there was a date restriction on the photograph.

  Diemmess 19:42 11 Feb 2010

There may be, but I was over 70 with the first

  spuds 00:10 12 Feb 2010

Apologies for going off tangent.

Many years ago I became a 'member shareholder' of the Co-op. Having not heard from them, and being pestered by our local Somerfield/Co-op, I re-applied for 'member shareholder' status. Option of on-line or sending form with supplied pre-paid envelope. I chose the on-line method, thinking that it was easier. Wish I hadn't now, as it would have been far easier, with less information required if I had filled out the form and posted or handed it in at the local Somerfield/Co-op.

Who says modern technology is quicker and easier :O(

  BT 17:05 12 Feb 2010

It was necessary to replace our licences due to a change of address, and it said on the website that if you had a 'Digital' passport which the 'Boss' does but I don't, we decided to do hers on line as they said they could 'recover' her picture from the passport archives. After fillig out all the forms online I then had to print out a sheet and send it in with a NEW picture. What a waste of time. I had to take mine in to the local DVLA office anyway so I could have done hers as well.

  v1asco 17:23 12 Feb 2010

I updated mine using digital passport photo with no hassle. They only need you to send in the old licence I assume to prevent any chance of fraud.

The whole family hhas done it like this and everytime the new licence has arrived within a couple of days of applying. In one case before the old one was posted off to them.

I think it is a good system.

Allowing them to store your photo digitally also makes passport renewals faster.

  BT 17:27 12 Feb 2010

As I recently reached retirement age I had to apply for my State Pension. The Pensions Service website said I would get a letter 4 months beforehand which duly arrived on time. It said the preferred method to apply was by phone so I gathered together all the require information and dialled the 0845 number, to be greeted by a recorded message saying to call an 0800 number, which I did to be greeted by another message saying that due to 'improvements' in their systems I now didn't have to apply until 2 months before my 65th birthday.

So 2 months later called again to be dealt with by a very efficient chap who took all the details and gave me the final total that I would be receiving, and said he would send out written comfirmation. He couldn't however process a claim for Adult Dependancy Allowance for my wife despite having all her details and I would have to send in a written claim for that.

Six weeks later I still hadn't had the written confirmation so I phoned again to be told that it takes 6 - 8 weeks to send out the letters. So much for their 'improved systems'. Surely after he had done all the work when I initially phoned it was just a matter of pressing a button to generate what was essentially a form letter. And I finally got the confirmation of the Allowance for my wife just a couple of days ago, nearly 8 weeks after sending in those forms.

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