DVD writers are changing to double layer

  helpamate 22:27 24 Jul 2004

Ive heard that DVD writers are changing from single layer to double layer , which is supposed to make it easier to copy DVDs , Is this like the old betta max vidios that lasted a few years and then dissapeared from the shops? ...
Seems that stores are selling DVD writers very cheaply , Is this panick selling to get rid of old stock before the new double layered writers hit the stores , who wants to buy an obselete item once the new has arrived .
Seems like we are getting ripped off yet again buy stores and technology ,

  tasslehoff burrfoot 00:25 25 Jul 2004

I think you're over-reacting.

Standard DVD writers are not becoming obsolete, it's just technology moving on.

Dual layer writers are not pureley for copying DVDs. The main plus is that you can record twice as much as what you could have recorded anyway.

The betamax/vhs thing is more similar to the +/- standards of DVD, there is a (small) chance of one of these going the betamax way.

If we wait for the new technology, we will never have anything.


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