DVD-R and +R which way do they spin?

  muddypaws 15:41 29 Apr 2014

I went in to a well known electronics store ths afternoon to buy some DVD-Rs.

They didn't have any -Rs and couldn't for the life of me, at the time, remember the difference between + and -

So I asked a 'knowledgeable' assistant what the difference was. He replied ' One spins one way and one the other'.

Now I might have to bow to his superior knowledge, but is it April !st or am I missing something!

  BRYNIT 16:22 29 Apr 2014

I wander if the assistant has the usual ID 10 T problem :) it usually come up when people do not follow instruction.

  bumpkin 17:18 29 Apr 2014

The discs spin clockwise viewed from the top, as the laser is underneath to the laser it is anti-clock wise.

  BT 17:35 29 Apr 2014

How do these people get these jobs?

My son worked in Staples some years ago and was probably the only one there with any extensive IT knowledge. His favourite story was about the lady who bought a new keyboard and came back the next day complaining that there was no Manual in the box. And someone who wanted white ink to print on black paper!

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