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DUP agree to back Boris on Brexit

  Govan1x 13:47 31 Jul 2019

I wonder how much it cost this time.

When asked the Question how much did you receive to back the PM.

We got a straight forward answer. Nothing. Then got the answer that they only got what they procured themselves.

So did they or did they not receive inducements to back Boris.

Good start for Boris then getting the DUP to back him.

  Pine Man 15:06 31 Jul 2019

Good start for Boris then getting the DUP to back him.

Now all he needs is the backing of ALL of his party, an awful lot of money to carry out the promises he has made.

  Govan1x 23:41 31 Jul 2019

Pine Man

It would be interesting if he did get a good deal to leave, Would the remainer's in the Tory party back him or still vote against him.

The old story of united we stand and divided we fall comes to mind. Would the remainers in the Tory party actually vote against the PM when it comes to crunch time knowing full well that a new general election would be called and the likelyhood of the Tory party winning that would be extremely small.

  Quickbeam 06:23 01 Aug 2019

This is all electioneering talk. All we need to know is when the election will be, before or after is all that needs confirming.

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