dug his own grave now mr g brown

  frankie 22:27 25 Aug 2009

supposedly disgust at libyan bombers release.who really believes he did not know outcome,oh well it will take the uk.s mind off the robbing gits,expenses,taken out of public eye.least we forget,but what really is *[email protected]:ing me off,is soldiers in afghansistan,left to there own devices,and,skill,with shortages,off ammo,helicopters,its just unbelievable,what there going through,the full story wont come out for years,good luck and god bless them boys, i could not have the bottle to walk them streets,few bits off chest there,sick of the deceit from this lot,all talk.and more talk,guess the england cricket team will get medals,come home with your guts gone,and no legs, guess you will be hidden away,

  Forum Editor 22:59 25 Aug 2009

that feels better.

  Spark6 23:19 25 Aug 2009

I know full well the feeling. Shame it wasn't expressed more lucidly.

  tein 00:33 26 Aug 2009

Frankie! i am with you on this one! but i suppose the only thing apart from voice your thoughts on a national forum is to NOT vote for Gordon Brown!
Our hands are tied!

  newman35 05:07 26 Aug 2009

life were that simple that 'getting rid' of one man would suddenly solve all our problems!

This is precisely British politics, one party gets the chance to try out all their 'ideas', which after a couple of terms the media finds tiresome, so we are persuaded to give another lot a go - and lo and behold the same thing happens after a few years.

This political/media 'cycle' has been going on endlessly, which is why voter apathy seems to be increasing. But, hey, it gives us all a reason to blame someone else for all the problems - and elections alway sell newspapers!

We are but pawns in the chessboard of life, accept it.

  Armchair 09:32 26 Aug 2009


Absolutely pathetic.

  Stuartli 09:49 26 Aug 2009

RL usually gets to the heart of the matter:

click here

  bremner 10:04 26 Aug 2009

Richard Littlejohn is just a professional stirrer.

I wonder just how much of the drivel he spouts he actually believes.

Peter Hitchens and James Whale are two others of the same ilk.

  newman35 11:12 26 Aug 2009

...and your own incisive comments might be...??

Or do you seriously consider we are all capable of really affecting these decisions made on our behalf?

  newman35 11:15 26 Aug 2009

We must really try to wean Stuartli off his 'comic'. ;-)

  Stuartli 11:26 26 Aug 2009

I come from a journalistic background.

I get the Mail but I also read most of the other dailies on-line.

If you think that the Mail only supports points of view that you seem to abhor, then perhaps you should try reading it occasionally?

Mind you, even Polly Toynbee (!) seems to have fallen out of love with Brown and Co recently.

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