Duckworth-Lewis method

  interzone55 18:57 23 Nov 2008

Anyone able to explain this in simple terms.

Today England scored more than India in 22 overs, but we still lost. Why?

  Mr Mistoffelees 18:59 23 Nov 2008

Because the rules just don't make sense.

  Switcher 19:21 23 Nov 2008

What do you mean " we " lost

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:40 23 Nov 2008
  interzone55 20:33 23 Nov 2008

Because I'm English

  interzone55 20:39 23 Nov 2008

I'd already read that but my feeble brain couldn't cope.

I was just wondering way India scored 166 in 22 overs of a rain shortened match, but our (That means England, Switcher) target was 198 in 22 overs.

Just doesn't make sense to me (and no, I don't think it's any kind of conspiracy before any chips in with that...)

  Joe R 21:00 23 Nov 2008


As a Scot, I hope I have this correct, but from what I can Make of the ruling, the Indians as the first team batting, were expecting to bat for 50 overs, so therefore presumably, would have been more conservative in the early stages of their innings.

This is why the England target is therefore, higher than the Innings by India, as the English batsmen can then treat it as a 20/20 match.

  interzone55 22:03 23 Nov 2008

Those sound eminently sensible answers.


  Stuartli 22:36 23 Nov 2008

Also see:

click here

but you may still be no wiser...:-)

  laurie53 07:40 24 Nov 2008

I used to be a cricket umpire.

I gave it up when you needed a calculator to work out run rates, when the last hour started, how many overs to lose because of rain, and when you started to use a light meter to decide if it was too dark to play.

From the explanations given here, which I still can't make head or tail of, it was a good decision!

  Quickbeam 09:09 24 Nov 2008

We lost because we are told that that is so, it's not something that many in a spectating crowd will ever understand.

Cricket rules have never been easy to understand once you're past the basics of batting & bowling. I've been going to test matches for 30 years and still find out little things I didn't know about now and again from the TMS team... maybe I'll fully understand it one day:)

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