mrrix32 18:19 16 Apr 2005

In the June copy Of PCA they had 2 pages about the new hand-hald consoles. I was just wondering If it was just me that thought it was unfair on the DS or if any one else thought the same?

The DS is not ugly, If any thing is the PSP is, it's black and dull. The graphics on the DS are not as bad as people are saying. I have Super Mario 64 DS and The metroid demo and they are both fantastic. The PSP is a "hand held" but it isn't a games console, it's a media player with the ability to play games. So what if the DS is 15g heavier? wot difference does that make? Finaly i would like to add a sentence I found on another fourm.

This Sentence represents the PSPs batery lif.... *dies*

  Bleep 18:47 16 Apr 2005

Have both, its much like having a Gamecube and a PS2, both of which I have.

I Like both consoles equally, Mario64 rocks but so does Snake Acid on the PSP .
I think these two are aimed at two different markets with features appealing to each respective market.

In relation to PSP battery it lasts about 5 hours, however I bought a spare one for £30 from LikSang when I bought it so that solved that problem.

  mrrix32 20:05 16 Apr 2005

If the games for PSP where cheaper than the DS ones I might have considered it. but paying £80-£100 pounds more then £5-£10 more for games. It's not worth it!!!

  Bleep 21:54 16 Apr 2005

What !!! my PSP game cost me £39 inc delivery!! click here&

  mrrix32 22:26 16 Apr 2005

you can get DS games for 20-30 pounds including 2nd class delivery from gameplay

  mrrix32 22:14 17 Apr 2005

I ment more compared to DS games. not 5-10 pound for the games!!!

  Kate B 22:16 17 Apr 2005

I've played with a PSP and it knocks spots off the DS: the graphics, the screen, the design ... I hope the games won't cost an absolute fortune in the UK but they'll be worth it.

  TomJerry 10:20 18 Apr 2005

I do not have any of them, but I was told.

PS and PSP: you can copy the games with some difficult (it is illegal of course) because they use CD/DVD

DS: there is no way to copy games.

  mrrix32 15:09 18 Apr 2005

who cares if you can copy games???

I can not be bothered to pay more for a console and more for games. If one of them was less on the PSP I might consider getting one. and as I said before the battery life you get on the PSP is double what you charge. DS is less charging more playing!!!

  TomJerry 15:26 18 Apr 2005

if you can copy games, you do not need to pay even the copy is illegal.

  mrrix32 15:31 18 Apr 2005

you can get that for the DS in the US you just have to buy special equipment and know where to download the games! one of my mates imported a kit.

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