Dry food by the post. Is it allowed?

  rickf 20:13 11 Jan 2017

I am thinking of sending a food parcel consisting mainly of cereals, pulses, noodles, some vitamin pills, energy food powder to the EU. They are all things that are very expensive in the destination country. All purchases made in the UK and can be classified as non-perishable goods I believe. I haven't been able to get clear clarity as to what is permissible and what is not. Any ideas anyone?

  morddwyd 20:35 11 Jan 2017

Certainly allowed within the EU, and not just dry food.

I have had fresh meat, fish, even live mealworms, though those are for the birds, delivered by Royal Mail.

  rickf 21:07 11 Jan 2017

Thank you. That's a relief. Will send this tomorrow.

  wee eddie 21:40 11 Jan 2017

Check with local Ministry of Agriculture, there are a number of things that are illegal to ship across, even EU, Boarders. HM Revenue & Customs should be able to give advice

  bumpkin 00:22 12 Jan 2017

You should be OK with Royal Mail as long as it is not a battery hen.

  Quickbeam 06:56 12 Jan 2017

Vert dry bumpkin...

  rickf 09:38 12 Jan 2017

Just out if interest. The parcel is 5kg and measures 38cmX29x15 and RM wants £45 to send this. Have now sent by independent courier for £23!!!!

  BT 12:12 13 Jan 2017

The parcel is 5kg and measures 38cmX29x15 and RM wants £45 to send this.

This is the problem with RM - the 2kg limit. Had a parcel to send to USA that weighed just a bit over 2kg and it was cheaper to send it in 2 separate parcels under 2kg each.

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