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The drought of '76 Vs 2018

  Quickbeam 07:45 15 Jul 2018

I was looking back at the news for '76, the drought year that saw people queuing in the streets for water from standpipes.

In the above link it says, "Could it happen again? Britain has just experienced a drier winter than that which preceded the drought of 1976." Are they kidding? We've just has the wettest winter and spring that I can ever remember!

  flycatcher1 23:05 15 Jul 2018

I remember 1976 very well, my elder daughter was getting married on 25 July and we fully expected the hot spell to be broken by then. I bought six or seven umbrellas in Singapore in preparation for the rain but it did not come and the drought carried on for a long time. The temperature seemed hotter than the present spell but memory at my age is a dodgy thing. I do remember flying over the various reservoirs and being amazed how little water there was. My lawn looks a nice biscuit colour but we are struggling to keep our special plants and bushes going, we have had no rain for over six weeks and there is none on the horizon. I have become an agnostic having found that praying for rain does not help.

  Forum Editor 23:30 15 Jul 2018


"The temperature seemed hotter than the present spell but memory at my age is a dodgy thing."

It was hotter - during the heatwave there were 15 consecutive days where a maximum temperature of 32C or more was recorded somewhere in the UK. The highest recorded temperature was 35.9 C. at Cheltenham on 3rd July.

It was 31.0 C in my garden at 3:00pm today, and forecast to be the same tomorrow.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 10:38 16 Jul 2018

wee eddie

need some rain there or the lakes would dry up :0)

  Govan1x 11:11 16 Jul 2018

All the fields and gardens were all cracked up because of the heat. Workmen could fry an egg on there shovels and you would leave footprints on tarmac roads because it was so soft.

We are never happy it is either to hot or to cold. or to wet. So make the most of this while you can.

Scotland is one of those places where you can get all that weather in the one day.

  Quickbeam 07:10 24 Jul 2018

Well 6 weeks in... What would we all give for a 4 month summer at a steady 20C!

  john bunyan 10:26 24 Jul 2018

A friend who was a top dog at the Met Office always pointed out that the U.K. average rainfall is pretty consistent so a long dry (or wet) spell is followed or preceded by the opposite. If true we’re in for a very wet autumn!

  john bunyan 10:28 24 Jul 2018
  Quickbeam 07:29 29 Jul 2018

Well it was so hot we acctuallywanted the rain...

But it looks set to return to a proper summer tomorrow. My lawns are returning to green and will no doubt need mowing again this week sometime, I didn't miss that job!

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