Driving while using a Sat-Nav

  Pamy 13:55 27 Feb 2007

I see that the news is full of the icreased fine and penalty points for using a hand held mobile phone whilst driving. I also believe that it is ilegal to view a TV whilst driving(although I have never heard of any prossecutions for this offence. Does anyone know the legal position about viewing a Sat-Nav screen whilst driving as this now seams just as much a hazard as they become a popular "must have items"?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 14:01 27 Feb 2007

Anyone with any sense has one that 'talks' to you. If they do not have a talking one and use it whilst driving, then they are really dumb drivers and deserve all they get.


  Belatucadrus 14:06 27 Feb 2007

Not aware of any penalty regarding sat navs, indeed there's even research indicating they're safer as the driver gives more attention to driving than trying to work out where they are.
There are moves however to legislate for the amount of information available in the display screen click here

While I don't think that a sat nav is in the same league as hand held mobiles when in general use, anybody stupid enough to try and reprogram the destination whilst on the move deserves to be done for driving without due care and attention.
Nothing is entirely idiot proof.

  johndrew 14:07 27 Feb 2007

Whilst I recognise that GANDALF <|:-)> is somewhat abrasive in his response, I believe that anyone who is considered to be driving in a manner which indicates they are `distracted` may be held accountable.

Certainly - and I believe it still to be true - if the driver of a vehicle can see the TV screen whilst driving it is illegal.

  Pamy 14:08 27 Feb 2007

Yes I agree, but is there any actual legislation that you know of concerning these devices?

  Koochy 14:14 27 Feb 2007

Can anybody explain the laws viewpoint on a police officer using his/her hand held 2 way radio whilst driving? In the past 24hrs i have seen 2 police officers driving and using a hand held 2 way radio at the same time, This i feel is unacceptable as both vehicles were double crewed at the time so i don't see any need for the driver to be using his/her radio.
I may be mistaken in my opinion here but i see this as "I am here to enforce the law not follow it"


  Pamy 14:15 27 Feb 2007

I have one, and got myself in a muddle with it and it had to be reprogrammed to get to another destination. My husband did this as a passenger, but I realised that some times it told you to make a turn and I had to look at the map to see just witch turn to take

  Koochy 14:16 27 Feb 2007

Say i whole heartedly agree with the ban on mobiles whilst driving and as of yet i haven't heard of any laws on satnav/driving but yes it is a bit of a grey area, You can watch a satnav screen but you can't watch a T.V. whilst driving.


  namtas 14:19 27 Feb 2007

I didn't know that you could get silent sat navs but there you go. And is a glance occasionally at a 8cm screen any different in principle than occasionally glancing at your vehicle speed indicator or your vehicle warning indications or even your mirrors? surely not

  namtas 14:22 27 Feb 2007

Koochy Surely you don't concentrate to watch a satnav screen whilst driving, now I would say that was a no no.

  jack 14:22 27 Feb 2007

Driving is all you are supposed to be doing whilst
er, driving- that's it.
We all in one way or another do other things, like talking, eating, changing tapes/CD's- listening to the radio even, and so on - all can be construed as a distraction and be brought to bare if an accident occurs and what ever it was the driver was doing at the time is thought to be a contributory factor.
We have all seen on TV in the 'Idiots in Cars' type programs a car smashing in the rear of a parked vehicle- just as the driver was rummaging for a tape.
Various people, my other half included will sit quietly as we proceed and then spark in to life and demand attention ,just when a particular manoeuvre is required-such as moving out of a junction or entering a roundabout-I sometimes think it is deliberate.

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