Driving License Renewal 70 and over

  BT 12:03 06 Oct 2014

Got my reminder in the post today that my License will expire the day before my 70th birthday - 23/12/2014, so in line with their suggestion I went online to renew it. I gathered all the requirements, License, Passport, NI Number and started filling in the online form. About half way through it came up with a window saying my License was valid till 21-06-2016 which its obviously not, so thinking I'd made a mistake I went to the beginning an started again and the same thing happened, so I carried on anyway and it all went through and I got the confirmation page at the end.

So there's obviously a fault in their website and I'm just waiting to see if the new License arrives now.

  carver 12:15 06 Oct 2014

Your licence expires at 70 so do not wait or you could be done foe driving without a licence.

A renewal notice is sent 90 days before your 70th birthday

  carver 12:16 06 Oct 2014

foe- should be "FOR"

  BT 12:33 06 Oct 2014


Already done it as I said in my OP and got the confirmation page. They say the new License should be through in 2 weeks so still plenty of time if anything went wrong.

As for driving without a License I remember seeing a TV report a while ago about renewing them. Apparently as many as 40,000 people are driving on expired Licenses. All PhotoCard licenses need to be renewed every 10 years if you are under 70 and every 3 years thereafter. Seems people just ignore the reminders. Your License is also invalid if you don't keep the address updated if you move house.

Driving License renewal

  tullie 13:11 06 Oct 2014

Applied for my renewal online nearly three weeks ago,still waiting.

  john bunyan 13:27 06 Oct 2014

Don't forget if you had C1/D1 licence ( vehicles 3.5 - 7.5 tonnes; minibus up to 16 seats), to continue with this you need an "HGV style" Doctor's certificate (Mine cost about £100!). If you "self certify" your entitlement is for "normal" cars - B (max 3.5 tonnes)

  tullie 13:46 06 Oct 2014

Carver I rang DVLA and the recording said to allow three weeks before contacting them.

  cruiser2 15:40 06 Oct 2014

I keep renewing mine every three years. I willbe 80 in November and do it by post each time. Make copies of the old ones in case it gets lost in the system including the mail.

  spuds 16:34 06 Oct 2014

"So there's obviously a fault in their website"

The DVLA website does have its odd moments. I tried to renew a vehicle tax, and every time I tried their system would not recognise the debit or credit card details, so payment and completion came to an halt.

Telephoned, and an adviser explained (sounding casual)that "it happens sometimes". She took the card details I had previously offered, and transaction went through without bother. Job done.

  BT 17:39 06 Oct 2014

"Maybe they are getting mixed up when your passport runs out and not your licence."

Renewed my Passport only a couple of years ago so its not that.

"Don't forget if you had C1/D1 licence..."

That entitlement is on my current license but I don't envisage needing it (never have in 40 years) so I've let it lapse.

I'm a bit confused about the last bit on the Email which says "If you still have your old license - Photocard and Paper part cut it in two and return to DVLA"

Do I take it from this that its not compulsary?

  carver 18:25 06 Oct 2014

Don't do it, that is your proof to entitlement to a licence DVLA do make mistakes and if they do you can bet they will not admit it's their fault.

Just one example

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