Driverless car

  Pine Man 09:37 12 Apr 2007

Todays Daily Mail has an item on a VW Passat that does not need a driver. It can read road signs, brake when traffic slows ahead and stop or swerve to avoid pedestrians.

Just what we need isn't it, let's hope the computer on board isn't programmed by Microsoft.
It could bring a whole new meaning to computers crashing!!

  johndrew 12:20 12 Apr 2007

The way some cars appear to react on the road currently makes me think they are `driverless`. There may be someone sitting behind the steering wheel but there appears to be little `driving` taking place.

Additionally, I wonder what the introduction of such vehicles will do for driver licensing and the raft of legislation covering everything from medical conditions, through the use of mobile `phones to drink driving????? After all if the vehicle is truly self controlled ..........

  riiverstock 13:27 12 Apr 2007

"I'll have a large malt" says the driver or have they now become one of the Va Va BOOM passengers?

How will this change the Drink/Drive and Drugs laws?
Could be fun this one.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:09 12 Apr 2007

Honest officer I wasn't driving

It was Victoria Woods?


  Stuartli 23:50 14 Apr 2007

A somewhat frightening thought....:-)

But I've been on driverless trains and lived to tell the tale (Gatwick and Stanstead airports for a start).

  Pine Man 09:02 15 Apr 2007

Ah but they are on rails ;)

  Stuartli 09:49 15 Apr 2007

Ah, but there are buffers at both ends of the line and if the driverless train doesn't stop...:-)

  Bingalau 10:47 15 Apr 2007

I think they have computerised trains in Singapore for years. I expect there are lots of places around the world that also have them.

  Stuartli 11:14 15 Apr 2007

Perfectly true. It was just tongue in cheek on my part but, in fact, it has happened in real life:

click here_

  Pine Man 11:28 16 Apr 2007

Docklands light railway - no driver.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 19:03 16 Apr 2007

Docklands light railway also known as the Roller Coaster.


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