Driven to kill herself and her disabled daughter

  oresome 18:02 18 Sep 2009

Both the police and neighbours of this family should find this very uncomfortable reading.

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  egapup 18:51 18 Sep 2009

If she was speeding the police would have done something.

  spuds 19:09 18 Sep 2009

Perhaps the return of old style policing or zero tolerance might have aided these people, and others who are in similar circumstances.

Being a so called caring society were buckets of money are being thrown at 'neighbours from hell', perhaps a bit more resources should go into safeguarding people, especially those of a timid nature.

In this particular case, it wasn't the first time that this lady had turned to possible suicide arrangements due to the pressures that she was under. It's all now being documented, which is perhaps a little to late now for this family!.

  rdave13 22:59 18 Sep 2009

It's truly a horror story that a mother finds it better to burn to death, along with her much loved daughter, rather than continue living in this country. Something is going radically wrong within the UK.
Hope Mr policeman sleeps well tonight.

  dagnammit 00:46 19 Sep 2009

That is truly shocking...

  Forum Editor 08:38 19 Sep 2009

of that there can be little doubt, but when heaping criticism on them it might be as well to remember that the real culprits in this story are the people in the local community who were responsible for causing the trouble in the first place.

If it hadn't been for the appalling campaign of abuse conducted by local children - and sometimes their parents - it wouldn't have been necessary for this woman to seek police help in the first place.

The police are an easy target in such situations, and of course they shouldn't be immune from criticism, but let's not make them out to be the prime cause of this woman's action - that honour goes to her neighbours. They're the ones who should feel disgusted with themselves.

  jakimo 12:04 19 Sep 2009

These neighbours had no shame,they knew it was their kids who were the source of the trouble but they either thought it was someone else's responsibility to sort it out,or they just couldn't care less.

The police new this situation had been going on for years,and although they had the power and knowing this woman was vulnerable they too decided to ignore the victims plea as over-reacting,and take no positive action against the neighbours, that decision must have contributed to the tragic outcome of the woman and her daughter

  peter99co 16:37 19 Sep 2009

And the real culprits are still running round!

I wonder how they feel when they persecute others in this sordid way and get away with it.

  johndrew 17:24 19 Sep 2009

The major problem in the UK today is that no real penalties exist for the likes of these `children`. I still believe we did the wrong thing banning corporal punishment as a deterrent and a punishment for acts of indiscipline.

  spuds 19:29 19 Sep 2009

It wasn't all 'the' neighbours to blame, just a small minority of children, who perhaps should have been more supervised by their parents, police and other establishments. In this particular case, the council did send letters to the parents of the 'children' involved, but in todays world, letters mean very little. Especially if the offenders think or know that they can and will get away with this sort of thing.

This incident happened quite a time ago, and the coroner's court hearing should draw to an end on Tuesday of next week. Already the coroner Olivia Davison as given the police a severe 'slamming' and I would imagine that others are going to be found in failing of their duties, both legal and moral.

The former assistant Chief Constable Chris Tew came up with some reasons as to why the events took place, at the same time he as also suggested that improvements of helping and dealing with vulnerable people are being made. The previous Chief Constable Matt Baggatt (now the newly selected N Ireland Chief of Police) introduced more beat officers including PSCO's, but at it as already shown, this as not been anywhere near enough.

  peter99co 19:15 22 Sep 2009

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No-one was ever prosecuted while members of the gang have not been named in court.

The inquest heard that, on one occasion, the gang's leader shouted at the house: "We can do anything we like and you can't do anything about it."

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