Drive by wire

  carver 08:17 18 Oct 2012

I don't know how any body else feels about this enter link description here but I would definitely not feel at ease driving one of these, think I would be waiting for the dashboard to tell me that "Windows has experienced an error and needs to close" while doing sixty on a windy road.

  onthelimit1 08:24 18 Oct 2012

Most times that you fly now, aircraft controls work the same way. No, I don't like it either!

  Strawballs 09:18 18 Oct 2012

Any body that say they would not drive a car with this best not fly anymore because it's been a long time since big airliners have had any but for their controls.

  carver 09:27 18 Oct 2012

fourm member hate to tell you this but flying a plane and driving a car are completely different, you may not have noticed but you normally do not have another aircraft closer than half a mile.

You certainly do not have aircraft passing within 6 foot of each other and if something does go wrong then I'm sorry you are so close to another car no backup system can take over that quick, with out feedback how can you tell if you have a puncture or some thing else is wrong.

But with the way some people drive maybe it would be better to take complete control away from then, I noticed one thing in Nissan's article about you can position the steering wheel where ever you want, including the back seat. Well my car is controlled from the passenger seat already if the wife had any thing to do with it.

  Forum Editor 10:11 18 Oct 2012


"flying a plane and driving a car are completely different, you may not have noticed but you normally do not have another aircraft closer than half a mile."

On the other hand, you may not have noticed that you don't have 300 ton cars travelling at 500 miles an hour with a few hundred passengers on board. Commercial passenger jets must maintain a vertical separation of at least 1000 feet below 29,000, and a horizontal separation of 5 nautical miles (if flying at the same altitude). At altitudes above 29,000 feet the vertical separation must be no less than 2000 feet.

  Condom 12:32 18 Oct 2012

It will eventually come but I doubt in my lifetime. But the thought of getting in my car and telling it to take me home puts a smile on my face. I just hope it can remember which home I mean as my homes are 6000 miles apart ;-)

  johndrew 14:21 18 Oct 2012

Aircraft have several systems for flight controls which are independent and compare the input/output parameters to ensure safety - not that it always works perfectly as glitches do occur.

How many comparators does the proposed vehicle system have to ensure the input/output are commensurate? Or could it be the "unnecessary feedback" mentioned is steering one way and going the other?

  carver 15:06 18 Oct 2012

Woolwell I'm sorry but I have to disagree with you about that, for some people it doesn't matter what warning symbols/ lights you have on a dashboard they wouldn't notice them or even know what they mean.

That collision system only works when you are coming up behind another car, and please remember that Volvo thought they had a perfect system until this enter link description here

As for backup, car manufactures save pennies by not even supplying a spare tyre now so who is going to pay for another CPU in case of failure, this isn't the same as an aircraft that costs millions and another £500 isn't even going to be noticed.

  carver 15:35 18 Oct 2012

F.E funny but I thought half a mile and 2000ft were not to dissimilar

  morddwyd 16:18 18 Oct 2012

"It doesn't matter where the technology came from, if it has been widely and successfully used there is little to fear from its adaptation to a different purpose."

That's as maybe. I can remember when coil ignition started replacing the magneto on motor bikes, which was not that long ago, just back in the 60s. I seem to remember that the BSA C15 was one of the first, but it was only a 250 so didn't really count as a bike (no restrictions on capacity for learners in those days!).

I swore that I would not be interested until they started using it for racing.

I bought my first coil ignition bike in 1984!

It'll be the same with drive by wire!

  Forum Editor 16:54 18 Oct 2012


"funny but I thought half a mile and 2000ft were not to dissimilar"

That's right, but you didn't give the full story. Aircraft are separated vertically by 2000 feet when they fly at altitudes in excess of 29,000 feet. Below that altitude they are separated vertically by a minimum of 1000 feet.

You said "you normally do not have another aircraft closer than half a mile." Which is both incorrect and misleading. It gives the impression that aircraft are habitually only half a mile apart,and that's wildly wrong - they are 5 nautical miles apart horizontally when flying at the same altitude.

Always best to get the facts right when you're indulging in sarcasm, carver.

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