Dress down Friday

  1minute 18:17 08 Sep 2006

So are you able to dress down om a Friday where you work?

  Legolas 18:25 08 Sep 2006

Yes. We pay a £1 every Friday for the privilege and the money goes to charity.

  Jackcoms 19:04 08 Sep 2006

Does Dress Down Friday still exist?

It's rather 20th century isn't it?

  spuds 19:58 08 Sep 2006

Was in the local Barclays Bank branch, and everyone seems to be wearing 'T' shirts, advertising certain services Barclays are offering.Is that 'Dress down'?.

  wee eddie 20:43 08 Sep 2006

There is a "Dressing-up Box" in the back of the managers office!

  Arthur Scrimshaw 20:50 08 Sep 2006

with dress down Friday's is it can amplify the POETS mentality, but it must depend on the culture of the Company.

  €dstowe 08:27 09 Sep 2006

Dress down days are one of the daftest ideas to come out of the personnel management (human resources nowadays, of course) departments in a long time.

My staff wear whatever they want to wear when working. My receptionist is always "smartly dressed" because she chooses to dress like that and feels it is expected of her but there is no compulsion on my part for her to do that.

  Forum Editor 08:39 09 Sep 2006

Ditto in all respects.

I don't employ very many people, but they can (within reason) wear whatever they like to work. They're not meeting clients,and there are no conventions to acknowledge.

As for 'dress-down' days - what a ludicrous idea. If a company wants people to donate to charity it could just ask, or even better, leave it up to indivduals to decide. It's not necessary to bribe staff to do it, as if they were children.

  wee eddie 08:41 09 Sep 2006

Is that it separates ones working life from ones private life.

This is actually quite useful.

Dress down days have some serious side effects. In a little bit of research I read a couple of years back, Employees were found to feel that choosing the correct outfit for "Dress Down" was extremely stressful and that many felt that there was an element of "Oneupmanship" involved.

  Kate B 14:29 09 Sep 2006

I work at home half the week, which means my working attire is often my dressing gown.

  DieSse 15:09 09 Sep 2006

Ditto !

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