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Dream on Salmond

  Pine Man 12:46 16 Jul 2014

Salmond - When we win independence for Scotland we'll be in the EU within 18 months.

Junckers - No more new member states of the EU for 5 years.


  Pine Man 13:05 16 Jul 2014


Junckers didn't mean Scotland.

Still our loss will be Europes gain ;-)

  johndrew 13:56 16 Jul 2014

Given the would be 'King' of Scotland has determined that he will keep all that he wants - such as the £ and HM - and only reject that which fails to meet his cause, it is hardly surprising that he expects everyone else to dance to his tune. As was said by a Scottish ex-pat friend recently, when Scotland finds that half the industry and financial concerns leave as a result of security and EU rules, unemployment rockets, and there is no right for its citizens to migrate within the EU then the penny will drop - of course that will be after the horse has bolted.

Regardless of what Junker says, I believe that any new country that wants to join the EU must be voted in by current members. Given that Spain has a problem with the Basques wanting independence (and other countries also have similar problems) is it likely they will vote for Scotland knowing it could easily make their problems worse - I feel it to be unlikely.

  wee eddie 14:11 16 Jul 2014

Now that would be an interesting conundrum.

Scotland, a member of the EU and England, not.

I see Boarder Patrols, heavily armed fuel convoys from Scotland to England. Motor manufacturing restarting. Leith becoming a working Docks again.

But, as has been said by others.

The Spanish have the Basques and the Catalans. The French have the Bretons, for a start. The Flemish and the Walloons will have a field day.

I don't think that Scotland's membership to the EU is a forgone conclusion

  wee eddie 16:21 16 Jul 2014

spider9: I'll bet that AS's Slogan will be "I got it through ~ Vote for Me!"

It would be amusing (and somewhat ironic) if the new Scottish Government gave the Scottish Conservatives a more than minority standing

  pavvi 16:35 16 Jul 2014

Those suggesting that the SNP will cease to exist if Scotland votes for independence are falling for a Salmond trick. Salmond is aware that he isn't universally popular and this suggestion that he would disappear (and his party) is so improbable that it is almost laughable. It is the Scottish National Party, not Scottish Independence Party.

SNP will NOT disappear on independence being voted for. Why would they? They aren't a single issue party like UKIP. They do actually have political views aside from independence broadly similar to the Labour party which is how they have gained support as Labour in England took a lurch to the right. Working class people have therefore been attracted to the SNP.

SNP and Alex Salmond will still be wanting government and power after 2014.

  morddwyd 19:53 16 Jul 2014

"after the referendum there will be a general election and the politicians governing Scotland will be whoever the Scots decide - it's not a foregone conclusion "

Oh yes it is.

Scotland will have a Socialist government for the foreseeable future.

The only reason the SNP has risen is because of the incompetence of the Westminster parties.

Once they have gone the SNP will wither on the vine.

  morddwyd 19:54 16 Jul 2014

P.S. The Opposition will be the Lib Dems.

  morddwyd 07:22 17 Jul 2014

The fact is that Scotland nearly always votes for a Labour government (general elections) and rarely gets one.

In the event of a yes vote that would change. Ruth Davidson might have more support (and local MPs!) than Cameron, but she's a long way off forming a government.

  Quickbeam 07:41 17 Jul 2014

Interesting observation morddwyd, that he would deliver an independent Scotland, and then condemn his own party as an also ran for decades to a socialist majority.

  onthelimit1 08:52 17 Jul 2014

'world-wide recession'

Oh really? have you spoken to anyone from Oz, China, India etc etc. No recession there!

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