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Dreadful websites that make ordering impossible

  johnincrete 10:18 21 Dec 2019

I wanted to download backing tracks for Christmas Carols but now I have given up because the websites were so bad that it made ordering too difficult. Too many websites make assumptions that cannot be complied with. One had the perfect product at a reasonable price but insisted on details of my school - and I am not a school. I typed all this and tried to post but was told to login first with no obvious link to the login procedure - yet another example of a poor website Another looked OK but did not provide a preview of the tunes: there are so many rubbish offerings that a preview is essential. Don't people get their website checked?
If anyone knows a website where I can preview their offering ande then pay and download please let me know. PS. Download is essential - our accompanyist has an emergancy and cannot be present. We want the backing for Christmas Day. PPS and this forum website is typical - when I tried to post it wanted me to login. I am not a skilled internet user - that's why I use the forum. It has taken me some time of trial and error to get back here and it had lost the title!

  x13 11:03 21 Dec 2019

Have a look at this site link .

  polymath 21:49 10 Jan 2020

No, some people definitely don't check their websites, and it's not just shopping ones. I can't understand why they don't simply ask some non-techy end user(s) to try them, for the same reason IT user manuals are traditionally hard to make head or tail of (created by people who already know the subject inside out and can't see the wood for the trees, and usually lack writing skills).

There's a website called that tries to fight back against this problem, with lists of links to the worst websites of various years/type of problem etc. I stumbled on it yonks ago, and it's never let me down when in need of a bit of entertainment!

  mrgrumpy 23:06 10 Jan 2020

Hello john I fully understand your frustration , the problem is that a lot of companies use out of date browsers and software.

EXAMPLE …. I am looking to buy either a new Ford , VW or a jcw mini , if I try to use any of these sites in THE EDGE they just wont run but they work perfect in chrome or firefox.

This is what I do , open THE EDGE browser and if it wont work , do copy/paste the site link into another browser.

  Old Deuteronomy 10:42 11 Jan 2020

I use Opera, if a shopping site doesn't work properly in Opera, I try it in Vivaldi which usually solves it. If a site still doesn't work, they have lost my business.

  mrgrumpy 10:50 11 Jan 2020

My wife recently asked a consulant why he cant access her records in another hospitals data base. He said i dont like doing it cos were still on xp and keep getting hit

  wee eddie 11:16 11 Jan 2020

If it doesn't work - I move on

  Forum Editor 15:51 11 Jan 2020


How is your last post relevant to the thread topic?

  mrgrumpy 17:03 11 Jan 2020

Hi FE its just another example of what can go wrong when things are not kept up to date.

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