Al94 19:21 14 Feb 2010

Ok, we were out and about this weekend and viewed a new build apartment that we liked very much near the centre of the town we live in but close to local park etc and a short walk to all local ammenities. It's about 940 sq ft, walk out patio door to a small secluded garden area, parking underneath with lift access, 2 bed. We're in late 50's and I have a heart condition - not serious and hopefully under control. Existing detached house is 4 bed with a fair bit of work in gardens, grass, hedges tree pruning etc. Also need to drive to go anywhere.

I can't get my head around the downsizing that would be required in terms of even silly things like - where do you store suitcases, Xmas decorations, all the stuff that goes in unused rooms and lofts!!

Anyone done this successfuly and any tips? Just not sure if we're ready to go down this route although from a lot of aspects, it makes sense.

  canarieslover 19:32 14 Feb 2010

Having just installed a new kitchen that resulted in a downsizing of storage space I would advise against going a step too far. Despite it being my wife's 'dream kitchen' it has been a nightmare trying to persuade her that there are lots of items in her old kitchen that we no longer use or require. To multiply that up to a whole house worth of downsizing would probably result in divorce or murder. Downsize on possesions first and then find somewhere that they will all still fit comfortably.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 19:47 14 Feb 2010

Look around and imagine what you would try to save if there was a fire...then dump the rest. You need to be totally ruthless and stop trying to cling on to the past.
Personally, I would buy ALL new stuff rather than try to fit your old furniture into a new place - it NEVER looks right and you will not feel comfortable. Have a garage sale and flog all the furniture, cutlery etc., etc., I guarantee that hoarders will flock to it like vultures to carrion.
Too many people try to cling onto useless junk/items which only remind them of the past. If you haven't used an item in a year, you will never use it. I never hoard stuff and if something is not on display it gets sold and I am certain that people who hoard useless items which are never taken out of the drawer, need psychiatric help urgently - you only need to watch a few TV 'decluttering' progs. to ascertain that.

Then start spending the kid's inheritance like there is no tomorrow, if they are not in a position where they would not need an inheritance, they are the only ones to blame. Buy a new car and sod the depreciation, then go on a looooong cruise and don't hold back the spending.

  Terry Brown 19:57 14 Feb 2010

I totally agree with GANDALF <|:-)>, It is your life,enjoy it while you can, if you move, hire a skip, and as you pack each item, ask ;Do I really need it?, If the answer is no or not sure- do not take it. Any children who care for you will rather see you enjoy yourself than have you 'penny pinching' to give them a good time when you are gone.

Life is for living- You have earned the right to be happy- so don't look back.

  Al94 20:01 14 Feb 2010

Brilliant Gandalf - laughing our legs off at your response, most of what you suggest in para 1 was discussed last night over vino! I wouldn't take a single stick of furniture! My son dreads para 2 but that's his problemo! (to a point!)

  robgf 20:07 14 Feb 2010

"Then start spending the kid's inheritance like there is no tomorrow, if they are not in a position where they would not need an inheritance, they are the only ones to blame. Buy a new car and sod the depreciation, then go on a looooong cruise and don't hold back the spending."

Well said, I keep telling my parents to do this, but they wont, old habits die hard I suppose. They are both in their eighties, not a good idea for them to keep saying "perhaps next year".

  rawprawn 20:28 14 Feb 2010

Spending kid's inheritance, is called going Skiing, both my "children" now have more money than me. I have no intention of saving money to leave to them. They will no doubt have what is left including my house.
In the meantime I have just ordered a new BMW. I am 72, how many more cars am I likely to buy before being unfit to enjoy them?
Enjoy life, it's all you have that is totally yours to do with whatever you wish.

  OTT_B 21:43 14 Feb 2010

Although in our last move we upsized, in order to reduce the crap around the house that would need storing, i enforced quite a brutal decluttering, using 6 months of no use as the line.

2 6yd skips, innumerate amount of trips to the local recycling center and a multitude of ebay and freecycle listing later, we still have crap everywhere. But guess what? At no point has me or my partner thought 'oh I really need that item we got rid of'.

  Woolwell 22:15 14 Feb 2010

Downsized some years ago - 2 hrs to cut the grass was getting silly and the scaffolding to just get the outside decorated was getting expensive.
GANDALF <|:-)>'s quite right about the furniture. The old will not fit and would look wrong besides its a good excuse. I filled a skip when we moved.

Keep the suitcases handy for the next trip and if they are on show they make a good talking point (we've just got back from ...). Actually they go in the loft.

The only thing I wanted was a separate study/den where I could have my PC and keep my junk/clutter. I think it's things that will come in handy - but its junk!

Do it while you can.

  BT 08:33 15 Feb 2010

I think your 'Stuff' breeds.
We 'Upsized' from a smallish flat in London to a 2 bed semidetached bungalow in Norwich, and despite chucking away loads of stuff, we still have boxes that haven't been unpacked yet, stored in the garage, and we didn't have one of those in London.

As to furniture we decided that most of our old stuff wasn't worth transporting and were lucky enough to be able to buy the major contents of the new place from the sellers as they were moving abroad and were glad to sell it to us for little more than what we would have had to pay for a couple of good sofas (£2000)

  v1asco 08:37 15 Feb 2010

Start early! It took me 18 months to declutter.

We moved from a 4 bed loft converted semi to a 2 bed apartment. We are fortunate in that the apartment is 1200 sq ft, with lots of storage and room to add more.

First we had the kids sort out their school stuff and cuddly toys etc. They were pretty ruthless and none of them have space where they live.

Then we emptied, dumped, gave to charity, sold loads and loads. I reduced my personal bits to 18 boxes, went back to it 3 months later cut it down to 12 then later down some more until eventually I had 2 boxes of memories and absolutely no spare leads for this or that.

We did take furniture, mainly because we wanted to live in the place first and then customise it, which I would suggest as its to late afterwards. The furniture was then donated to the local air ambulance.

We have been here 19 months and do not regret a thing. Sitting on the Balcony watching my garden being tended is heaven.

As for the kids bits, we have a small box at the big yellow.This does not come cheap but split between 5 of us is about £15 a month. The kids have a choice pay up or dispose. Gradually this is emptying so we downsize on that as well!

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