Downright dangerous ploy by a main dealership

  TopCat® 18:35 22 Jun 2010

Went over to my mate's place to get a haircut t'other day and he told me what his mechanic found when he put his car to him for a service.

Some four years ago my mate bought this second-hand BMW from a Honda main dealership. It was under three years old so no MoT done, but the car was serviced and new front discs and pads were fitted. When in due course of time a first MoT was required, around eighteen months later, the car passed with no problems. Everything went fine until several thousand miles later my mate thought the brakes weren't top-notch as usual, so last week he put it to his mechanic for checking and a full service.

Apparently, what the dealership had done - to save money perhaps? - was fit a set of non-vented discs to the car, which are much thinner than the proper vented ones. What alarmed the mechanic and my mate was the fact that with nearly worn out brake pads the piston seals in both brake callipers were extremely close to 'popping out' of their location. If this had happened to both pistons then, apart from the handbrake there would be no way of stopping the car! If only one seal came out then he would have had much reduced efficiency diagonal braking.

I suggested he took this matter further but he said four years had passed since he bought the car, which was too long to start complaining now. TC.

  spuds 19:20 22 Jun 2010

According to the latest Kwik Fit adverts, they guarantee their brakes and service for life.Perhaps he should have gone there.

But having said that, having an Honda garage carrying out repair to another make, may well end up using 'compatible' parts, depending on the information given to the suppliers.

A few months ago I had a replacement catalystic converter exhaust fitted to my car. It was only the sharp eye of one of the mechanics that noticed it was 'similar' but not the correct one. Back to the suppliers and all was well. Well not really well, we later found out that the exhaust (which was the original) didn't want changing. The supposed higher noise was due to a tailgate alignment being out of angle, and the exhaust outlet being near the tailgate oddity.

  WhiteTruckMan 10:33 23 Jun 2010


But whose?


  spuds 10:37 23 Jun 2010

You will need to ask Kwik Fit that question ;o)

  961 10:43 23 Jun 2010

Brakes need servicing every 12 months at which time the seals and pistons should be examined. Salt in particular has a very detrimental effect on these components and last winter was particularly destructive

Modern disks and pads are designed to wear. Since asbestos pads were banned disks will wear and require replacement when down to a minimum thickness. No longer do they last for a lifetime

Brake fluid absorbs water and becomes less effective and should be replaced every 2 years

It's so easy to save money on brake maintenance

But unwise

  mr simon 13:55 23 Jun 2010

It may have been a genuine mistake on the mechanics part.

We needed a part for our boiler replaced a while back, and despite a flat fee for the labour/parts, the guy managed to fit the wrong sort of filter, which was actually a more expensive one albeit the wrong part. Point being that we would not have got charged any differently whichever filter he put in, he just made a genuine mistake.

  TopCat® 14:19 23 Jun 2010

"It may have been a genuine mistake on the mechanics part..."

All I can say is that any mechanic worth his salt would have seen the original discs were the vented type when he removed them. TC.

  HondaMan 14:21 23 Jun 2010

I assume from your post that the service was done by the Honda dealership?

  Forum Editor 15:11 23 Jun 2010

The car's.

  skeletal 15:35 23 Jun 2010

Good grief! Non vented discs are nothing like vented ones. To anyone with a modicum of technical knowledge it would be as obvious as fitting a blue door to a red car.

It is perfectly acceptable to fit alternative pads and discs; in some cases they will be better than the manufacturer’s originals, but like all things in life you have to know what you are doing.

The problem is one of proving negligence all this time later...nothing to do with me gov...all right when I did them...must be someone else... etc etc.


  BT 16:44 23 Jun 2010

"The car's lifetime"

I'm afraid not!

Kwickfit's 'Lifetime ' Guarantee is for as long as YOU own the car. It lapses when you dispose of the car. This is for brake disc pads and shoes. I'm pretty sure it doesn't apply to discs or drums.

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