Double U, Double U, Double U Dot

  Sapins 08:58 10 Aug 2004

Does everyone still say this when giving out a web site address? or do you just give the address without it?

It's not necessary as even if you type the address without it the site is still found, so why can't we just drop it and save a bit of time and tongue twisting?

  spikeychris 10:02 10 Aug 2004

Good question sapins, I work for local radio and everytime I have to give an address I always just say the domain name and drop the www

However, we always receive calls asking "Whys he never say www its missleading........

  Sapins 10:29 10 Aug 2004

Hi spikeychris, glad you agree, and if people say you never say www. they must know it should be there! why not just put it in for themselves if they must?

  cga 10:47 10 Aug 2004

Quite true that you dont need toput the www in front of a web address for it to be found but there addresses where there is NO www and, if someone adds it themselves, then the site will not be found.

For example click here is a bad link but click here should be good

  spuds 11:01 10 Aug 2004

I tend to find that it is better to give the full details.Some 'link' sites may begin with something like http:// forum...etc. Forgetting the http:// usually brings 'unavailable' or 'server not found'.

For the newcomer or not so new, this can get a little confusing :o)

  Sapins 11:02 10 Aug 2004

Hi cga, Just tried a few addresses with and without www. for the few? sites that do not need www you are told to click on the home page in the "site not found" message so you still get there and if it needs www it puts it in for you as I said so I would say for the majority of sites forget www and keep the twist out of your t>o#n~g+u<e, thspits it out;-)

  spuds 11:05 10 Aug 2004

cga..Sorry for similar post.Slow typo and download.

  Sapins 11:10 10 Aug 2004

Hi spuds, I think http:// is a different matter, I agree with you it would be better to give this with the address, it's just saying www that gets on my nerves.

Have to leave off now, got to prepare the veggies for lunch, so keep your head down ;-)

  Indigo 1 23:10 10 Aug 2004

I usually say " Dub Dub Dub Dot" for short.

Saves getting tongue tied. 80)

  Chegs ® 00:01 11 Aug 2004

Or you could always revert to "J Clarkson" speak,and just say "if you have an internet nearby,its forward slash topgear or something"

  kev.Ifty 00:10 11 Aug 2004

Is www. the best example of an acronym that is actually longer to say than the phrase it is supposed to abreviate?

Cheers Kev :~)

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