Double Glazing unit longevity

  Batch 12:01 27 Apr 2015

I've lived in my house for 33 years. Had aluminium double glazing units installed in most of the windows in 1985. In total it was 6 complete windows comprising 31 panes.

In the 30 years since installation I've had to replace 6 of the DG panes (one of which I just did this a.m.). 4 of those 6 are on the only south facing wall. I'm guessing that the heat / sun is a major contributor to the breakdown of the seals. The other two panes I've replaced face west.

Be interested in others' experience. How many have you had to replace over what time frame and does the same south facing effect occur?

  BT 07:18 28 Apr 2015


Yes the service from Anglian at the time was good but I suspect it was probably something to do with the fact that it was one of their first big contracts - 60 flats. I wouldn't use them these days. My Niece in Law works for them and even she has used a different company for some doors and windows.

I had my replacement Front Door, French doors and Conservatory done 7 years ago by a small local company who have been working around here since 1985. They did an excellent job and only a couple of weeks ago came to do a small repair in my Conservatory at no charge. It was only some trim that had started to come away but I suppose an hours work for their fitter is priceless in terms of customer satisfaction. They even relaid part of my drive after the skip lorry didn't put packing boards under his jacks and punched holes in the concrete.

  oresome 09:49 06 May 2015

I'm seeing some misting on units that were installed around 1998.

One window faces East and the other South.

I replaced a unit in my daughters house last year that faces North, so make of that what you will.

The daughters unit was diamond leaded and luckily I took a photo of the unit with me because the measurements she gave me for the diamond pattern were inaccurate and didn't match the photo when set up on their machine.

The leading also comes in different finishes and can be applied to one or both surfaces of the outside glass. Needless to say I specified all this wrong, but the glazier recognised my mistakes from the photo and after a few phone calls produced the correct matching unit. (Apart from the exact glass pattern which was discontinued)

It was for the bottom half of a door and cost around £55.

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