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Double Glazing unit longevity

  Batch 12:01 27 Apr 2015

I've lived in my house for 33 years. Had aluminium double glazing units installed in most of the windows in 1985. In total it was 6 complete windows comprising 31 panes.

In the 30 years since installation I've had to replace 6 of the DG panes (one of which I just did this a.m.). 4 of those 6 are on the only south facing wall. I'm guessing that the heat / sun is a major contributor to the breakdown of the seals. The other two panes I've replaced face west.

Be interested in others' experience. How many have you had to replace over what time frame and does the same south facing effect occur?

  Pine Man 12:27 27 Apr 2015

I had uPVC glazing fitted in 1982. Since then I have had two panes replaced, one front and one back and the front is south facing.

I recently noticed that another south facing pane had blown but what I also noticed was that two of the windows, one north and one south facing were no longer draught proof. This became evident when my neighbour had a log burner installed and we could smell it when he lit it!

30+ years is a good life for DG so I decided it was time to have the lot replaced and I have certainly noticed the difference, particularly with sound proofing as the new panes have a bigger gap in them now.

  HondaMan 14:21 27 Apr 2015

I've had UPVC since 1985 and nothing replaced except for one lock during the first 6 months.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 17:19 27 Apr 2015

Am about to replace mine as have 4 misted windows both front (east) and back (west) its the large panels that have blown.

  Al94 17:51 27 Apr 2015

All units replaced after 15 years around 6/7 years ago, first of the new ones is misted - faces east.

  BT 17:58 27 Apr 2015

Had some early Double glazing installed by my Landlord in my flat in London about 1970. Aluminium frames and the biggest problem were the cantilever type hinges. Only had one pane mist up in all that time and Anglian actually came after 30 years and did repairs for free! They were still there when I left in 2005.

  Batch 18:47 27 Apr 2015

Thanks for the feedback guys.

The main thing I take out of it is that these things last longer than I had anticipated. I though I was doing well, but some of you seem to be doing even better.

The cost of plain replacement DG units is not that high. The one I did today was 407mm x 812mm and came to £21.41, inc. VAT (that was with Planitherm - an alternative to K glass). But I have 3 windows at the front of my house with diamond lead - that seems to treble the price! If you want to you can get an idea of price click here - that's the place I got mine from.

Superb service from Anglian, BT. Reminds me of Richer Sounds replacing my 4 1/2 year old 15" TV that had failed (I had 5 year warranty). They replaced it with a 19" brand new Samsung TV (the original was a cheapo brand) AND gave me a further 5 year warranty.

  bumpkin 20:55 27 Apr 2015

Batch, you mention diamond leads which mine are and about 10yrs old with no problems with failing seals but some of the lead begining to come away slightly on the inside of the units. Not really bad enough to concern me at the moment. If you have a multipane window done properly all the lead lines need to match up irrespective of the sizes of the transoms and mullions or openers. You cannot just put any old diamond unit in even at treble the price. So the replacemend has to be an exact copy of the original which will have to be purpose made so the £20 unit with the lead added now becomes £200.

  Batch 21:03 27 Apr 2015

bumpkin - that's not what I found.

A few months ago I took one of the diamond leaded ones that had blown along to the place I linked to above (so that they could make up a new one to match). Very similar size to the plain one I replaced today. Was a shade under £60.

If someone is charging the likes of £200 it is a real rip-off!

  bumpkin 22:09 27 Apr 2015

I don,t know where you live Batch as prices will of course vary. My guestimate was based on them removing it, temporary weather protection of some sort and then making and fitting the new one plus the VAT. I did not explain it very well I admit but that is the sort of price I would expect from our local glazing company.

  Batch 22:46 27 Apr 2015


I'm talking DIY prices (thought that was clear from what I'd written). Very easy job to do oneself as long as one is fit and agile.

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