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  Wrinkles 21:47 08 Oct 2004

Every time I come to this site I get a warning from my spyware app that Double click is trying to download and as it is a "known threat" I should block it.
The question is why does this site, of all sites, spawn spyware cookies?

  kev.Ifty 21:57 08 Oct 2004

Set SpyBot Search... to block silently

The cookies on this site are harmless....

......Can you imagine the fuss.....

Cheers Kev

  JonnyTub 21:57 08 Oct 2004

post this in the helproom with the actual spyware application your using

  Forum Editor 23:13 08 Oct 2004

at all.

As kev.Ifty says, any cookie that is set by this site is perfectly harmless - why on earth would you think otherwise? Doubleclick is a highly repected company, used by many household name organisations throughout the world. You have nothing to fear from such a cookie, but by all means block it if you feel threatened.

  powerless 00:49 09 Oct 2004
  Sapins 08:33 09 Oct 2004


  Wrinkles 23:30 10 Oct 2004

I am of course inclined to believe you, but ALL anti-spyware apps I have tried flag up Doubleclick as non desirable so either someone is telling porkies or doubleclick lead a double life.
I think I'll block them anyway.
Incidentally, the "opt out" cookie didn't work. I tried it some time ago and numerous Doubleclick cookies then appeared at the next spyware scan.

  Friday's Child 23:53 10 Oct 2004

I think that JonnyTub's idea is right, I run Adaware and it doesn't show up anything after visiting the forum.

  Forum Editor 00:13 11 Oct 2004

I sincerely hope you'e not suggesting it's me, Wrinkles.

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