dose bt employ any british staff ?

  acein1 23:18 16 Feb 2008

this is a serious question,i am a bt broadband customer, and to try to speak to anyone about anything i find it "almost" imposable to understand what any one of them are saying ( except for the automated responce when they answer the call) my contract with bt ends in june and i cant wait to get rid of them for good, am i the only bt customer to have this problem ???,i cant believe so .( suggestions for an alternative would be welcome) i am consiering "sky" "virgin" and "talk talk" thanks for any responce

  Jak_1 23:31 16 Feb 2008

In short, yes. Until I retired last year, I was working for a company attached to BT. Thy had many call centres around the uk manned by uk citizens.

  €dstowe 07:11 17 Feb 2008

I am a BT Broadband customer as well. I don't think I've ever needed to speak to them, apart from the initial arrangements to have the system installed.

  Forum Editor 08:54 17 Feb 2008

on the phone the other day, and had to ask him to repeat almost everything he said. He spoke with a broad Scottish accent, and was almost totally unintelligible.

Being British doesn't guarantee a good speaking voice, any more than being a foreigner makes you hard to understand. The most beautiful voice I ever hear is that belonging to the receptionist in the Paris office of a client of mine. She speaks English perfectly, and with such a lovely accent that I am tempted to invent conversations with her, just for the pleasure of listening.

The same thing applied to an Air India Cabin crew member who recently looked after me - her command of the English language was streets ahead of many home-grown Londoners, and her accent sounded much nicer, too.

It's always unwise to generalise.

  Monoux 08:59 17 Feb 2008

I wouln't recommed Virgin media. I've had nothing but trouble since I went with them and can't ewait until the year is up and I can get shot of them

  Cymro. 10:27 17 Feb 2008

I wonder if people working in call centers abroad such as the B.T. one mentioned have as much difficulty understanding customers from the U.K. especially those with a very broad regional accent. I suspect it is no easier for them than it is for us.

  lofty29 11:22 17 Feb 2008

I am with virgin and have had a great deal of problems, so NOT recommended

  interzone55 11:23 17 Feb 2008

For a start, all the budget ISPs have call centres in the sub-continent, it's one of the many ways they keep over-heads down.

Secondly, of course they employ British people, but I have almost daily contact with a British BT employee based in Oswestry, she has such a weird accent that I've given up trying to understand a word she says and do all work by email.

Thirdly, I have a feeling that many of the sub-continental customer service operatives would have made a better job of your post. Your subject heading is spelt wrong and the first person I should always be capitalised.

  Bingalau 12:09 17 Feb 2008

It seems you should be able to use your own language correctly, before you can criticise other people's versions of it.

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