Door to Door taxi service (If only)

  Bingalau 20:47 02 Jul 2012

For those who haven't seen this advert yet, If the link below doesn't work try typing it in to your browser.

  Quickbeam 20:55 02 Jul 2012

I don't believe it's real, the wings would knock the lamp posts down, or the lamp posts would rip the wings off.

  Al94 21:07 02 Jul 2012

Brillian bit of advertising, works better with exact address rather than just postcode.

  lotvic 21:19 02 Jul 2012

Very clever, I saw mine through the plane window.

  Chegs ®™ 02:40 03 Jul 2012

Brilliant! Was really funny seeing a huge Jet roll straight over my neighbours car & pull up on the driveway of another neighbours.

  wiz-king 08:27 03 Jul 2012

Very clever use of streetview.

  lotvic 11:51 03 Jul 2012

Hope we don't get a deluge of junk mail through the letterbox. They seem to be collecting a huge database of house addresses. :( (or maybe I'm just a cynic)

  morddwyd 21:16 03 Jul 2012

Tried it twice, the plane never left London

Think I'll stick with Easyjet!

  Quickbeam 08:23 04 Jul 2012

I can tell you're not necessarily overwhelmed fm:)

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