Don't you love retail parks.

  rdave13 02:07 25 Apr 2015

Sums it up completely .

Hope all motorists shop on line from now on just to make the greedy landlords and non productive companies such as ParkingEye extinct.

I pity the retailers who often give good value regardless of the rent imposed on them.

No common sense in this country at times, I think, in my most humble opinion.

1]: [click here

  rdave13 02:13 25 Apr 2015

Towers, why is the link duplicated at the end of the post even though I doubled spaced Sums it up completely, link? A tad annoying.

  sunnystaines 08:12 25 Apr 2015

that would hit me hard a fine that high, why does it need to be so high £20 i thought would be fair.

  BT 08:32 25 Apr 2015

You can see the point of imposing a time limit especially if it is a free car park as certain people take advantage, but these fines are excessive. Having said that when I lived in London the local Council car parks would charge £60 if you overstayed the time you had paid for, so its not just the private companies.

There is a Retail Park here in Norwich near to the football ground and within easy walking distance of the City centre and there is a constant battle with people being charged for overstaying. You could easily be in there for 2 hours as apart from the usual retail park outlets such as Boots, Argos, TKMax, Mothercare etc. these is also a Morrisons supermarket. The problem is there are 3 separate parking areas but the cameras are on the approach road so even if you move from one area to another to visit the various shops as far as the traffic cameras are concerned its all one event so its easy to overstay.

  morddwyd 09:59 25 Apr 2015

Not a problem I've come across (blue badge) but I would have thought that two hours is a bit short.

By the time I've done the supermarket, the DIY store, Halfords, Currys/PC World, Boots, Maplin and had a pizza/KFC/Mac a good half a day has gone.

  rdave13 18:46 25 Apr 2015

Interesting thread mike` .

  bumpkin 20:22 25 Apr 2015

Dont use them, then the retailers will have to do something about it if they want to stay in bussiness

  wee eddie 22:10 25 Apr 2015

If you've ever spent 20 minutes driving round a Supermarket Car Park, looking for a space, then you will feel some kind of sympathy for the Retailers who built the Car Park for their own Customers.

£80 is a lot. He won't be doing it again and I feel that he should lose his case. As for the Able Bodied that use Disabled Bays, £100, sounds more appropriate!

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