Don't you just love the script kiddy type?

  De Marcus™ 10:04 28 May 2006

As Im typing this zonealarm is firing warning messages at me, as I watch a rather junior attempt at hacking my machine. The culprit, a new member to another forum I visit who asked if I would help with his website. The caring chap I am I followed suit and to cut a long story short, he basically harvested my details and is now probing all my ports. It's rather strange to watch to say the least but it just goes to show the lengths some juveniles will go to get attention from their spotty faced mates. Needless to say he's stands about a 1 in a billion chance of gaining any kind of control but I thought I would register this (a first for me) here on the forum to serve as a warning to those who (like me) are usually very careful about clicking links to be that little bit wiser in the future.



  Haol 10:15 28 May 2006

Don't worry if he is port scanning you and you're getting alerts then he's not skilled enough to do diddly squat. Skiddies disgust me, alot! Mind telling what forum this was?

  De Marcus™ 10:22 28 May 2006

I know, but it's a sad fact of life that someone feels it neccessary to sit and do something like this. If the so called hacker had any proper understanding of hacking, I wouldn't have even noticed, however saying that, anyone with that kind of skill wouldn't be remotely interested in my top secret word documents about 'hash browns' ;-)

  Forum Editor 12:39 28 May 2006

how you know who is doing this?

  Haol 12:47 28 May 2006

True say De Marcus™ he shouldn't be pinging you and should be sending a different type of packet. He probably doesn't even know how to use a perl script. FE, I doubt that it was a coincidence that he clicked on the link from some new member and then he is getting port scanned for holes and open ports.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 12:50 28 May 2006

You are being pinged all the time, this is how the net works and unless you have a static IP address it will not be this 'kiddy'. Turn off the alerts in ZA, they are useless.


  Forum Editor 12:56 28 May 2006

I doubt that it was anything else.

  De Marcus™ 14:50 28 May 2006

I have a semi static ip address, i.e. cable blueyonder, the ip address is leased for 24 hours but my connection can have the same IP for weeks on end.

I know it was this person as an email I sent warning him I was tracing the packets got a prompt reply of 'yeah, so f****** what?'.

I'm not making a big deal of it, and so anybody else shouldn't. At the end of the day, I'm fully protected and he doesn't stand a chance. I thought I would just air my experience here, as I previously mention, it was (and still is) a strange experience to watch it happen.

  Haol 15:44 28 May 2006

De Marcus™ you are quite the person, I would have emailed him back with all sorts of threats because I could not tolerate that language being said to me by someone I don't know.

  Forum Editor 16:33 28 May 2006

I withdraw my earlier comment.

The lesson here - as you've discovered - is not to leave a broadband connection running when you don't need it. I wouldn't dream of leaving my routers switched on at night, or when I'm away from the office/home for more than a few hours.

  Haol 16:47 28 May 2006

Forum Editor what's the harm in leaving your router switched on all the time? Aslong as you have updated firmware and a good hardware firewall hen your set. The only problem is that it's wasting electricity and wearing down the hardware.

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