Don't Whinge

  carver 13:14 07 Feb 2009

So it's official, if you can't get about in this weather it's your fault click here

Such a lot of nonsense out of one mouth, the bloke hasn't got the foggiest idea how snow chains work and he is telling people to go out and buy them.

I suppose he's hopping it will boost the economy.

  Marko797 13:52 07 Feb 2009

re-hash of his appearance on Question Time earlier this week.

I think it came in response to 'why hasn't the government bought snow-ploughs to deal with this weather?' The answer, quite rightly, was something along the lines of it could not be justified given this weather happens once every 18 yrs. If we had regular weather of this ilk, like Russia, then yes they would have snow-ploughs.

He pointed out that each snow-plough would cost the tax payer c. £100,000 (plus need to be replaced every 10 yrs), so do the maths on how much total cost could actually be nationally.

I think he suggested that if ppl wanted to travel, they should think of snow chains.

Would ppl invest in them given the frequency of recent snowy weather? I don't think so, but they seem quite happy to be critical of the gvmt.

  Marko797 14:06 07 Feb 2009

of the article is towards the end, carver: Chilly: A woman braves the cold to snowboard in a bikini down a hill in Shaftesbury, Dorset.

  Chris the Ancient 15:18 07 Feb 2009

Not being to indulge in working for a living for a few days meant that I could stay at home, drink copious mugs of tea and catch up on building an Access database that I'm developing.

My only (slight) downside was the occasional popping outside for a quick intake of nicotine (disgusting habit, I know) because I will not smoke indoors - even though I am single and nobody else comes into my flat. Still, those breaks outside allowed me to feel glad that I didn't need to go anywhere!


  Chris the Ancient 15:21 07 Feb 2009

This sort or weather occurs infrequently now. Roads around my area were bad - especially away from the main roads. The recuperation of the costs of dealing with such rare events must surely preclude the investment.

Realistically, how many of these whingers _really_ needed to travel?


  Stuartli 16:37 07 Feb 2009

Ever heard of Scotland, Wales, the Pennines etc?

  canarieslover 16:45 07 Feb 2009

No. I take it that they are north of Watford????

  Marko797 19:36 07 Feb 2009

then they have used comments for this press-piece fourm member, or asked identical questions, & fitted it all together neatly as good reading, or supposedly good (?) journalism. Regardless, it did appear on QT (& I think the foto might well be from QT too), so this is a little after the event, so to spk, and seeems like more 'massaging'.

As far as Scotland is concerned, then I'm sure
that bcos of the frequent annual snowfalls, that inhabitants have already got their own snow chains. Similarly with the ppl of mountainous Wales. If not, why not?

  laurie53 19:53 07 Feb 2009

"Ever heard of Scotland,"

Did see some snow for the first time today (Fife coast), but just a light dusting, gone by 11!

  MAJ 20:06 07 Feb 2009

"He pointed out that each snow-plough would cost the tax payer c. £100,000 (plus need to be replaced every 10 yrs),"

So now you believe what politicians say?

If the scoop attachment that fits on the front of gritters costs more than 5K, I would be supprised.

  Marko797 20:45 07 Feb 2009

Oh for God's sake.

If u look, I said, that he said c. (circa) £100,000.

Go on then, provide costings for a new snow-plough machine, and not just the blade attachment, which frankly would be useless in the most severe cases if fitted to even a 4x4 truck.

Whether this figure is accurate is not really in question, but whatever, multiply the unit cost by the actual number required for each Highways Agency Area (there are 13 throughout the UK), including Motorways and All Purpose Trunk Roads (APTRs), and then add more on for the number required within each local authority in the UK (not just England), based on the number of primary routes that you deem it necessary to deploy a snow plough to.

You don't need to be a Californian DA to work out that it might add up to a horrendous sum, even if they cost just £50,000 each. £50,000 as a figure would not be realistic however, based on the cost of the average 4x4 non-industrial (i.e. general road-user) vehicle.

And u as a tax-payer would be glad to allow them to fund this would u, including annual maintenance and replacement after their life-span of 10 yrs, based on the fact that this sort of thing happens every 18 yrs? Are u having a laugh?

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