"Don't want cher coz your feet's too big."

  TopCat® 14:59 08 Jan 2010

"Don't need ya coz your feet's too big." goes the old 'corny' song of long ago, but apparently our feet actually are getting bigger these days. It seems also that the ladies get somewhat embarrassed about this and continue to endure pain and anguish by squeezing their feet into shoes that are far too small. click here

Me? Well, I'm into size 11 and I can't help but wonder if the demise of our imperial 'feet and inches' and the metric adoption was due, in no small part, to our lengthening feet. :o)

Footnote: Have a happy weekend! TC.

  Bingalau 20:59 08 Jan 2010

I used to take a size 9 shoe, now I take a 10 (or 44 whatever) But I also used to be six foot tall and now I am only five foot 10 inches. Conclusion... I am slowly slipping down in to my shoes...

  jack 09:27 09 Jan 2010

Except in the case of Bingalau judging by his mug shot.
In this case too much 'gravy' ;@}

  Forum Editor 09:33 09 Jan 2010

my feet seem to have shrunk. I used to need a size 10 shoe, but for the past few years a size 9 has been just right.

My wife says it's because my feet are not always on the ground, but wives say that kind of thing.

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:34 09 Jan 2010

I used to need a size 13 for all my shoes, but now often find that a 12 is big enough.

I have the opposite problem to Bingalau, I'm pushing up through my hair!

  OTT_Buzzard 11:31 09 Jan 2010

I've never found shoe sizes consistent enough to buy one specific size of any shoe. Some i need a 10, with others a 9 is right.
Same problems buying jeans. Either my waist size changes by 2" between clothes racks, or the manufactureres need to calibrate their tape measures!

  Snec 11:45 09 Jan 2010

I take an 8 but I can get a 10 on.

  TopCat® 16:35 09 Jan 2010

I entered the army at 18, initially as a national serviceman, taking a size 8 shoe. By the time I'd finished basic training I was into size 10 ammunition boots. Must have been caused by all that 'square bashing, route marches and the like, plus continually wearing thick woollen socks.

Feet size stabilised at size 10 until my early forties when family genetics on my father's side (extra long large toes) took hold. That's why I now wear 11s and I'm hoping it stays at that!

In the meantime, I'm no pushover you know! :o) TC.

  Grey Goo 22:59 09 Jan 2010

Handy for hanging upside down from the rafters.

  TopCat® 18:22 11 Jan 2010

Used to do some of that when I was a lad on the outside kerbside railings of the local recreation ground. Things went fine until some little sod pushed my feet off and I dropped about nine inches right onto my head! Saw some stars and it ruddy well hurt into the bargain, so never did it there anymore. :o) TC.

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