Don't put your clocks back tonight!

  WhiteTruckMan 21:51 30 Mar 2013

Remember, they actually go foreward!


  Blackhat 22:40 30 Mar 2013

Spring forward, Fall back.

American term for Autumn but never lets me forget.

  Blackhat 23:00 30 Mar 2013

I have mentioned this before on this forum but for those who don’t know the clocks in my house are a nightmare due to Mrs B and her time keeping. I employ a time shift system.

She is convinced that from alarm off to exiting house for work is only 30 minutes. Wrong! But I was never able to convince her. After too many late arrivals at work I set my plan in motion and it has worked for the last 6 years.

Her bedside alarm is 20 minutes fast, next is bathroom clock at 15 minutes fast, then kitchen at 10 minutes fast followed by lounge at 5 minutes fast and exit front with clock at right time.

She has never been late for work since but still insists that it only takes her 30 minutes to get up and get out! It is and always will be 50 minutes.

Also helps when we are due somewhere and she is getting ready in bedroom as her clock is 20 minutes fast.

  rdave13 00:16 31 Mar 2013

Blackhat , now you are a truly married couple... lol.

  Quickbeam 07:46 31 Mar 2013

But it is possible to fall forwards and to spring back...?

It's the one time of the year that happens twice that peoples roll up for work totally oblivious to being either late or early until they get there.

  Quickbeam 07:48 31 Mar 2013

As for the clocks, if I want a new clock I only buy ones that sort themselves out now.

  wiz-king 08:46 31 Mar 2013

Missed it - was not awake this morning to see the hands if my clock wind forward at speed. (oldish radio controlled clock)

  fourm member 09:24 31 Mar 2013

'the hands if my clock wind forward at speed'

There's got to be a short story in that where the hands keep going and you find you've jumped forward in time.

  Aitchbee 09:30 31 Mar 2013

I predict it'll get colder a bit later tonight ... by an hour, relative to last night?

  spuds 10:38 31 Mar 2013

Doesn't the Queen or government, employ someone who goes around the palaces to change all the clocks. I wonder if its a case of completing the task, only to restart straight again?.

We have twelve clocks to change in our household, except the 'radio controlled' one. Keep saying that all will be radio controlled, but so far, it hasn't happened?.

  Mr Mistoffelees 10:50 31 Mar 2013

"As for the clocks, if I want a new clock I only buy ones that sort themselves out now."

Our alarm clock sorts itself out too, though not necessarily on the right day!

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