Don't forget the clocks go back!

  Brumas 22:31 26 Oct 2013

Just a reminder in case anyone forgets.The ones that adjust themselves are great, I only wish the one in the car was the same - I always forget that one!

  rdave13 22:35 26 Oct 2013

Ta. Can't think where these clock go back 'too' but the mystery will remain.....

  rdave13 22:37 26 Oct 2013


Damn keyboard..

  Forum Editor 23:18 26 Oct 2013

You might forget, but your trusty computer will not.

  Aitchbee 23:51 26 Oct 2013

I couldn't-help-but-overhear a girl, sittin' behind me on the bus today, say, to one of her friends whilst discussing the clock changes tonight " I'll be stayin' up till two-in-the-mornin', to see if my mobile phone automatically changes it's clock time ... at one minute to two. " That's pretty sad, isn't it?

  Quickbeam 23:54 26 Oct 2013

Yes HB...

Personally I'd be happy for them to be left alone, and just let the darkness creep up naturally.

  simonjary 06:38 27 Oct 2013

I forgot. Looked at bedside clock - 7am. Got up. Looked at iPhone - 6am. Darn.

  Quickbeam 06:54 27 Oct 2013

I forgot too, but luckily all bar my wrist watch and cooker clock are self correcting radio controlled clocks. I don't buy clocks now that have to be reset manually, no more than I would buy a car that you have to manually wind the windows up.

  rdave13 07:07 27 Oct 2013

Just couldn't sleep well last night. Typical.

  onthelimit1 07:55 27 Oct 2013

Shame nobody told my 6mth old Lab! She expected her breakfast at her usual time.

  fourm member 08:04 27 Oct 2013

A reminder for the cosmopolitan among you - USA doesn't change until next week so all time differences are -1 for seven days.

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