Don’t chase it, let it drop!

  Blackhat 12:54 20 May 2012

I am talking about bottle tops. I have tried to catch a falling bottle top and other thing a few times lately only to bang my head, knee or elbow. My reactions and timing isn’t what it used to be. My policy now if I drop anything is to let it land and stop before attempting retrieval.

My point is that as we age we must take note that we are not what we were 20-30 years ago but don’t think about it every day. I am sure that this attitude is responsible for a lot of sprains and pains in the autumn of life.

Just remember this next time you are looking at doing something physical that you may not have done for many years. My 80 year old father recently gave himself a hernia trying to move some paving slabs!

  lotvic 14:00 20 May 2012

Totally agree, got hernia last summer taking doors off to take outside to shave a bit off bottom and paint. Was okay until the last two, felt a tug and decided to carry on. Won't do that again.

  morddwyd 15:55 20 May 2012

My wife tried to catch a blade from one of her kitchen machines.

She succeeded only too well.

She bled so much that she had to press her community alarm button to get it stopped/

Let it fall. just step back.

  Bingalau 16:33 20 May 2012

What happens if the wind blows off the famous black hat? It gets worse trying to run after things like that.

Amazon sell quite a nifty line in Chin-straps I believe.

Another place to be careful is when pottering in the garden. I swear a blade of grass tripped me up a few weeks ago and I nearly hit my head on the corner of a concrete wall. As it was, I was so winded it took me about five to ten minutes to find a place I could push my self upright again.

  Aitchbee 16:58 20 May 2012

I tried (successfully) to move a fully loaded box freezer ( on a carpeted floor) with my right leg and truly knackered up my right knee.I see the knee specialist again at the end of the month...but will probably not go for the total knee-joint replacement just yet, as I am a mere strippling of a lad...of 57 summers.

  spuds 17:02 20 May 2012

If someone told me ten years ago, that I wouldn't be able to manage certain things now, then I would have well disbelieved them.

Not any longer. And as for the four minute mile, no way. Even some of the simple jobs put me to shame and have me beat now!.

If I drop anything now, there is a very good chance of saying "I'll leave it there", unless its edible, in which case the dog's will pick it up!.

  muddypaws 17:08 20 May 2012

The trouble is it is very difficult to override the automatic reaction to catch things. If I was about to accidentally drop a hammer on my bare foot I hope my brain
wouldn't be confused!

  spuds 17:13 20 May 2012


But as your brain ever told you "this is going to hurt" and you have then waited for that magical moment?.

  Aitchbee 17:24 20 May 2012

WONGA's TV ad, featuring Earl, the grey-haired baldy office 'boy' with the snazzy yellow waistcoat, was always able to catch a flying tea-cup in slow motion...that really impressed the two office 'girls'...always makes me laugh :o)

  muddypaws 19:09 20 May 2012


Yes it has! You think you have got away with it then the pain starts ten seconds after impact.

  rickf 20:22 20 May 2012

Ahhhhhh! The joys of growing old.

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