Don't ask me why, but I can across...

  Quickbeam 07:04 30 May 2017

...this fascinating article on efficient queue control.

You'll never stand in a queue the same again ;-)

  Old Deuteronomy 10:32 30 May 2017

I like this solution: Nissan Self Queuing Chair, especially as my knees are starting to go down the pan.

  Aitchbee 11:21 30 May 2017

I think there should be 2 seperate queues in busy post offices. One for SINGLE Transactions Only and another for MULTIPLE Transactions Only. I invariably get stuck behind a person who is sending ten parcels to all corners of the globe.

  bumpkin 17:12 30 May 2017

What annoys me most when queing is those that "settle in" leaning forward with arms on the counter making it clear to others that it is "their turn" and they will take as long as they like.

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